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              WORK AND BUSINESS


                  1. alok kumar sinha

                    Till now I found most authentic info here.

                  2. Anna Sedláčková

                    Thanks, we try!

                  3. Costas Zervas

                    excellent job…Very helpful

                  4. Polina Foteva

                    One small recommendation – change Dr Drazanova with Dr Pavel Homolka. He is the one who took over her practice.

                    1. Jan Kopkáš

                      Hello Polina, thanks for the update!

                  5. andics

                    Hi, would you consider maybe adding some alternative healing services to the Health infosheet? Like Chinese medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, some more holistic healing options, and so on? Or maybe creating a separate infosheet and adding it there? Of course in case if you think it would be possible to get a hold of some information about this. Thank you!

                    1. Jan Kopkáš (Post author)

                      Dear Andrea,

                      that would be a valuable contribution, however, we have no knowledge of alternative medical facilities or services. So far we had received very few requests (once,twice a year?) for such healing options and didn’t find valuable contacts.
                      If you have found any helpful contact, let us know and we can share with others.

                  6. Rajiv Sashidharan

                    Hi could you provide some info sheet for employment rules and free work market access “for spouses of 3rd national” long-term resident / employment card holders living in CR.

                    1. Jan Kopkáš (Post author)

                      Dear Rajiv,

                      for such specific questions please contact us through the Inquiry form:

                  Your comments matter a lot to us.