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Getting a roof over your head is one of the key concerns when moving abroad. Renting or purchasing a property can pose a serious challenge, though. The housing market in Brno (and in the whole of the CR) is in the state of high demand and low offer, which is constantly pushing the prices up.

The price range for a basic one-bedroom apartment is between 10.000-20.000 CZK (without energies and utilities).

Rules and customs can differ widely from country to country – the system here in the CR may involve a few features which you’re not familiar with. However in general, the real estate scene isn’t overly complicated, and many regulations and restrictions have been eased in recent years.

Searching for accommodation

Most foreigners – at least when they first arrive here – opt for renting a flat or a house. Rental practices here have a number of features that you should be aware of.

Who to deal with

It’s best to deal with a reputable agency. Of course, individuals certainly can and do offer their own flats and houses to rent, but be very careful: you may run into problems, particularly when it comes to obtaining proof of ownership (needed for official purposes such as a visa). Good agencies will make sure that the person leasing the flat is legally entitled to do so, and that the lease contract contains all the necessary and standard provisions.

Using an agency

The usual fee (commission) charged by an agency is equivalent to one month’s rent (some agencies include monthly utilities into their commission, some don’t: check with your agency to avoid surprises).

Scroll down to have a look at some of the agencies operating in Brno.

Searching on your own

You can, of course, search for your house, apartment, or room independently. Get familiar with the international communities and groups in Brno, or search online in Czech:

The Facebook pages Multilingual Flats in Brno, Flat to Rent in Brno, or Flats Brno gather offers and demands for all sorts of accommodations.

The big online database servers are and Some of the ads are from an agency (at, some from proprietors and landlords directly (at If you’re renting from the owner without a real estate agent as a mediator, you won’t pay commission to the agency, but you won’t have anyone checking the legal accuracy of the lease. Before signing, send it to us and we will have a look at it.

When to start

If your plan is to visit Brno before signing your lease, book temporary accommodation for at least two weeks and be prepared to prolong it. Start talking with agents/landlords prior to your arrival so you have a list of potential places and your viewings already scheduled when you arrive in Brno.

The majority of flats become available for a move-in at the start of a month (people usually finish their lease at the end of a month)  so plan your arrival accordingly.

If you’re planning to arrive in September, be prepared for a shortage of available flats: the term is starting and many students are moving to Brno. Our recommendation is to find and reserve a flat well in advance. Or, you can book a short-term accommodation (maybe through airbnb) for a month or two, and look for a flat with a move-in date in October or November – this way, you’ll have many more options to pick from.

Be aware of your responsibilities as a tenant so you get your security deposit back after moving out! You have to keep the apartment clean, take care of the furnishing and appliances, report any damage asap to the property owner etc. This article about how to keep your apartment clean might save you stress and money!

For visa purposes

For some residence permits, you’re required to submit a proof of accommodation already with your application.

However, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to sign a contract for a flat if you aren’t in the country to check the place for yourself.

The solution is to get a document called Proof of Accommodation (in Czech: “Potvrzení o ubytování”). Some agencies are able to get you this document, for a fee:

Real estate agencies

The following companies have experience in catering to foreigners:

City Real Estate

This is a small firm, but the two women involved had many years of experience working with foreigners and expats in a large firm before going independent. In addition to English, they offer services in German, Italian and Spanish. Very personal and caring service reported.


An agency taking care of foreigners living in the Czech Republic. New apartments offered almost every day on their Facebook page. First month’s rent for a signed contract is the charge. What is extra, stay with you after you move in and help you with setting up utilities, cable TV, internet, energies etc.

Real Spektrum

Comprehensive real estate services for foreigners will save you the hassle of searching and agreeing to new property rent. The agent will help you find the right place and provide all the paperwork in English including the property handover.


A classic real estate agency, Bravis has many flats available for rent, covering a broad range of sizes and prices and situated throughout Brno.

  • Dvořákova 13
  • +420 725 755 575


Another classic real estate agency operating in Brno and its surroundings, part of international RE/MAX network. They assist clients in finding properties for sale or rent, as well as a wide range of further estate-related services.

Student Room Flat

A booking platform offering mid & long-term rental solutions for international students, interns, and young professionals in their flat-sharing apartments and Co-living spaces.

Signing a contract

There are many things you should be aware of when signing your lease agreement. That’s why we made it into a separate guide. Read it here: Leasing a flat.

Additional services

The beginnings in a new flat can be tough. These services might help you:

Moving Services

As the name advertise, this family company will help you move your furniture around Brno, or even from your home country - as long as it is in Europe.

Speed Queen Laundry Eden

Self-service laundry, providing high-quality, speedy washing and drying facilities suited to high volumes of laundry. Member of a world-wide chain.

  • Purkyňova 35g
  • +420 774 403 434, Michal Rosendorf

Domo Moravia

Interior design and implementation – complete range of home improvement services.

  • Palackého tř. 15
  • +420 739 278 247
  • web

Short and mid-term rentals


Flatio offers fully furnished apartments to rent for a few months. Easily and without any deposits.

  • Dominikánské nám. 5
  • +420 228 886 511

Some real estate agencies may offer a short term accommodation as well. CzechPoint 101 also informed us that they too rent out flats for shorter periods of time, though this is not advertised on their website. And Foreigners offer short term accommodation as well.

Other than that, it’s not that easy to find short term accommodation in Brno. You can rent a bed or a room in hotels, hostels or Google many pensions.

An affordable but almost always full option is the Pyramida lodging house (Francouzská 70) with studios and 1- or 2-bedroom flats. Close to the Brno Technological Park, IBM and RedHat offices is a Hotel a hostel Palacký (Kolejní 2905/2) and Mendel University student dorm with rooms for the public. (Don’t expect any luxury, though; quite the opposite)

Serviced but more expensive apartments are Apart Suites Brno (Cejl 67) and City Apart Hotel Brno (Komárovské nábřeží 2).

Sharing a flat

Sharing a flat with housemates (‘spolubydleni’) can be an economical solution which many students and young professionals choose. Your colleagues at work, friends, local or Erasmus students might be looking for a flatmate. Look around Facebook’s English Speaking group, Multilingual Flats in Brno or Flat to Rent in Brno, your workplace’s intranet, or try some of the sharing-flat websites:

Another option is to form a group of flatmates and then search for a multi-bedroom flat together.

Purchasing a Property

Foreigners who have been in the CR for some time, or come here planning to stay for many years, may be interested in purchasing a flat, house, cottage, cabin in the country or piece of land.

Right now, no special requirements exist for foreigners buying a property in the CR.

Upon the time of the country’s accession to the EU in 2004, the Czechs asked for, and were granted, a temporary exemption from the EU directive forbidding any restrictions on the purchase of a property. Since then, change has come in two stages.

As of May 2009, most restrictions on the purchase of property by foreigners were removed; some remained for land zones designated as agricultural or as forests. These were lifted in May 2011. This means that now – subject to certain procedures that have to be followed in the purchase of agricultural land – all forms of property can be purchased by foreigners, whether from the EU member states or elsewhere.

Purchasing a property is no simple or straightforward process in any country. For that reason, you should certainly turn to a professional real estate agent to ensure that all the necessary steps have been taken and all legal requirements fulfilled.

One of the many important steps is to discuss your financial situation and possibilities with an expert. Contact us for recommendations.

Visiting Brno

If you’re in the city only for a short visit, the best options are hostels, Airbnb or regular hotels, depending on what your requirements for comfort and portfolio of services are.


Pictures by Jiří Lubojacký