Design Brno to your needs. Tell us your user experience.

City officials and the Expat Centre are asking about your experience living in Brno, so we can push the city in the right direction.

The survey is long, but the whole undertaking is massive, too. We have a team of researchers and we have a listening ear at the Brno Municipality. This is the biggest research into the workings of an international community in the CR.

Make yourself a coffee, sit down to the questionnaire and invest 30 minutes in the city’s (and your) future. Be a part of changing things for the better.

Please, share the link with your international friends, too.

Previous edition

In the first edition, in 2018, more than 1,000 expats took part, and we’ve used their input when implementing a number of policies.

In the first edition, in 2018, more than 1,000 expats took part. Their input inspired or shaped a number of new projects and policies. For example: we designed and kicked off our spouse programme, which helps expats who followed their partners to the Czech Republic to find their own purpose here – we now offer them free career consulting, business advice, networking and volunteering opportunities, or social meetings and trips to explore their new home.

English-friendly offices throughout the city?

One of the most frequently mentioned pains in the 2018 survey was the lack of English-speaking employees at public offices. We are far from solving this particular issue, but there has been progress: instructions and directions on the walls of city buildings are being translated into English, the trade licence office now communicates in English, and you can book an interpreter for a visit at the car registration office every Wednesday. 

This is patchwork, not a full scale solution, but even this start would have been much harder to achieve without the backing of a 1,000 clear voices from the first survey. Support similar efforts by sharing your experience in the second edition!

You can see the full results of the previous research after filling out this year’s survey.


10 December 2023


Internationals currently working, studying or living (also with their family) in Brno or South Moravian Region. Or those foreigners who worked, studied or lived in Brno and South Moravian Region in the past.

Especially partners, wives and husbands, who followed their partner to Brno, are welcome to answer the questionnaire and help us design better support services for families.


Brno City officials want to know more about how foreign professionals, their family members and spouses, and students from abroad feel about living in the South Moravian Region (SMR) and Brno, in relation to public services, jobs and careers, and family life, so they can improve the services provided and therefore improve the quality of life of foreigners living in South Moravian Region (SMR) and Brno.


Design Brno to your needs.
Tell us your user experience.

We're now conducting research into the life of internationals in Brno, in order to improve the support the city offers you. The results also design and shape public policies with your needs in mind, and help push the future of the city in the right direction.

Please, share your experience living in Brnoregion in our questionnaire and be a part of changing things for the better.

Enter the Great Brno Expat Survey 2023. (Deadline: 10 December)

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