This public service is provided to highly skilled foreign professionals living or planning to live in Brno and their families.

Business info

Brno Expat Centre, z.s.


Orlí 3

602 00 Brno

2nd floor

The nearest tram stops: Hlavní nádraží, Malinovského náměstí, Zelný trh

The city centre is closed to cars driving in.


opening hours

Monday morning: 9 – 13

Tuesday morning: 9 – 13

Wednesday lunch: 11 – 15

Thursday afternoon: 14:30 – 18:30

Friday morning: 9 – 13


  +420 530 332 123

Or better yet, set up an appointment or video call with the right expert instead of walking in blind. If you’d prefer a consultation in a language other than English, let us know in advance. We can accommodate Русский, Le français, Deutsch, Español.


Are your services for me?
Brno Expat Centre is a public service supported by the City of Brno to help foreign professionals. If you are a highly skilled professional living or planning to live in Brno (or a family member of one), you can use our services free of charge.
Do I need to pay for your services?
The consultation we provide is free of charge. If you need help, you can contact us via email or phone, or you can visit us in our office.

Our events are free, too. In some situations, though, there is an external fee involved (such as a beer or coffee tasting), which we ask that you pay.

Assistance offered outside of our office (e.g. interpreting at a meeting with your doctor, the Immigration Office, etc.) is regulated to one assistance per expat per year, unless you are employed by one of our partners (see the list here), in which case the unlimited assistance is available to partner's employees.

I have a problem. How should I contact you?
The best way to contact our consultants is through the contact form above. They will answer your questions as quickly as possible (within 2 working days).

If it is a complicated issue, the consultant may suggest a personal meeting in our office.

Can you help me with my visa / temporary / long-term residence permit?
We are happy to help you understand the basic requirements and options, as well as provide you with important contacts. However, we cannot arrange the visa or residence permit for you.

If necessary, we can direct you to an expert in migration law or a reliable agency that arranges visas and residence permits for a fee.

Can you help me find an apartment or a job?
We can provide you with our list of trusted real estate and employment agencies. We can also share our knowledge and tips concerning the basic options for foreigners in Brno. We have links with relocation and real estate businesses that have experience helping foreigners.

We cannot search for a house or job for you, though. See more general information about searching for accommodation and looking for a job.

My employer is your partner. What does that mean for me?
Some international employers (see the list here) sponsor BEC operations and became partners in the BEC advisory board. Their employees are entitled to priority services, like guaranteed response within 48 hours and free access to an interpreter for the employee and family members.

Do you help with starting a business?
Yes, we are able to draw on information from city offices, regional offices and local finance consultants to give you a clear picture as to what is required when starting a business and what the elementary market demands are.

Read more about how to obtain a trade licence or start up a limited liability company in our guides.

What do I get if I register on your website?
Registering on our website lets you sign-up for our free events. All registered members also receive a monthly newsletter with entertaining reading and a list of interesting tips on what is happening in the city.

Why do I have to fill out the registration form on your website?
We want to stay in touch with the expat community in Brno so we can understand its needs and relay those needs to the Municipality and others who can then make your life in Brno better.

We collect only the most basic data and we process it for statistical purposes in an anonymised form. See more about our Data Policy.


Design Brno to your needs.
Tell us your user experience.

We're now conducting research into the life of internationals in Brno, in order to improve the support the city offers you. The results also design and shape public policies with your needs in mind, and help push the future of the city in the right direction.

Please, share your experience living in Brnoregion in our questionnaire and be a part of changing things for the better.

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