Programme benefits

Members of our Partner Programme use our services to ensure that their employees enjoy priority care from our consultants and reduce the load on their HR departments.

The companies themselves are promoted through all of our communication channels, as well as our live events.

The one-year service package includes:

Priority consultancy

Requests for information or help sent by a member’s employees and their families will receive priority status and receive a response from one of our consultants within 48 hours.

Assisted visits to institutions and private services

One of our consultants can accompany an employee or their family members on visits to, e.g. city authorities, the doctor’s office, etc. The consultant will not only interpret for the person, but will also offer advice on the best ways to proceed.

Relocation services

Even before your employees and their families arrive, we can begin helping. Our complete and complex relocation services include immigration services and visas, home hunting, soft landing, as well as initial assistance at all offices and services.

For employees within the EU, these services can be paid for with your company’s membership package. We can also help employees from outside the EU, though these services are provided at an extra cost.

Orientation for new hires

Every time you hire a new batch of foreign employees, our 2-hour on-site “Welcome Seminar” makes a great addition to their orientation period. It presents them with the possibilities, responsibilities and options they can expect from their new life in Brno, including documentation, public offices, public transport, insurance, fun, sports, and much more.

Specialized on-site seminars

We can deliver a presentation to your employees at your premises. We cover a range of topics from the general orientation presentation to more specific issues, such as taxation, social benefits, pension, health care, politics, labour code, intercultural communication, Czech business culture, leisure, gastronomy, and so on. All seminars are in English.

A position on the BEC Advisory Board

The BEC Advisory Board is our way of constantly assessing the needs of expats in Brno and innovating our services to meet them better. We consult the board members with planning our events or connecting foreigners to the city institutions and making Brno more attractive for international talent. We meet twice a year.

Brand visibility and business promotion

Wherever BEC goes, your logo follows – on our website, in our monthly newsletters, on our banner. You’ll be displayed in our printed informational leaflets and Welcome Kits (distributed in thousands of copies). You can post announcements, job offers, and event invitations in our newsletter (3,500+ subscribers), which we will later share on our Facebook page (5,000+ Brno expat followers) and in our LinkedIn group.

All of these services are provided at no cost to the employees and will instead be subtracted from your company’s membership package.

If you’d like, feel free to try our programme for 6 months instead of paying for a full year.

Our satisfied programme members

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Executive manager

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  • GSM: +420 604 381 680

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