We are a free public service supported by the City of Brno, dedicated to helping foreign professionals.

  • Our mission: we work to help foreigners find and make a new home in Brno and to create an open environment, enabling them to take part in the life of the city.

What we do

We provide a number of services, including:

  • individual consultation and advice to expats on a variety of daily living issues:
  • interpreting and assistance during meetings with authorities and service providers;
  • networking events, including seminars and leisure activities;
  • help developing your business and connecting you to the local business infrastructure and community
  • entertaining English language writing and a monthly newsletter;
  • and social network channels (follow our Facebook page) for sharing knowledge and networking.

Who we can help

All of our services are available free of charge to skilled foreign professionals and their families who live and work in Brno or plan to do so.

We are delighted to welcome foreigners who want to contribute their qualifications and dedication to seeing Brno develop, and hope that they all BECome local with us!

Jan Kopkáš

Executive manager

  • senior consultant, BEC partnerships
  • email: jan@brnoexpatcentre.eu
  • GSM: +420 604 381 680

Katka Báňová

Event manager

  • event production, family & leisure consultant
  • email: katka@brnoexpatcentre.eu
  • GSM: +420 777 349 662

Marie Lungová

Communication manager

  • web, social networks
  • email: marie@brnoexpatcentre.eu
  • GSM: +420 725 423 048

Jarda Soukup


  • email: jarda@brnoexpatcentre.eu
  • GSM: +420 721 113 294

Lenka Kiknadze

immigration specialist

  • email: lenka@brnoexpatcentre.eu
  • GSM: +420 776 838 950

Lucia Konôpková

(now on maternity leave)

  • senior consultant
  • email: lucia@brnoexpatcentre.eu

Veronika Kiruščanka

(now on maternity leave)

  • legal consultant
  • email:

Don Sparling

BEC co-founder, Chairman of the board

  • education, intercultural competences, French
  • email: sparling@brnoexpatcentre.eu

Roman Schwanzer

BEC co-founder, member of the board

  • business, economics
  • email: schwanzer@brnoexpatcentre.eu

Our dear assistants & interns

Interpreting and assistance

  • during your meetings with authorities / doctors / services
  • email: jarda@brnoexpatcentre.eu

Julie Krejčová

Assistant consultant

  • + Interpreter at the Department of Transportation
  • email: julie@brnoexpatcentre.eu
  • GSM: +420 775 357 783

Brnopolis is an NGO carrying out non-profit and apolitical activities that connect creative individuals in Brno in order to share experience and develop the city internationally. The activities also include organizing the TEDxBrno multidisciplinary conferences held all over the world. In 2009, Brnopolis’ “Idea Lab” was one of seven projects (selected from 80 applications) to be presented at the European Creativity Forum in Brussels.

Brnopolis' goals:

  • to build an active community of creative professionals who have experience or interest in the international development of Brno;
  • to increase the city’s attractiveness for individuals and organizations from creative professions and industries;
  • to create a supportive infrastructure for expats in Brno;
  • to provide an informal platform for exchanging experience and opinions and for developing the city’s policies and strategy;
  • to act as a regional think tank and hub for innovation.

Some of Brnopolis’ activities:

  • hosting 14 OpenCoffee meetings dedicated to ICT business, R&D cooperation between academia and various industries, support for live culture, online media, visions for Brno etc;
  • organizing 5 TEDxBrno conference, part of the prestigious worldwide network of TEDx conferences;
  • publishing over 400 posts in Czech and English on its weblog, such as the series of interviews What Expats Say and Brňané v zahraničí (Brnovians abroad);
  • organizing a photo contest for expats, as well as the subsequent exhibition of the winning pictures

We created a panel of advisers to bring an external view to our strategic planning and more brainpower for adapting our services to the needs of foreign employees.


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