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Brno Expat Family Network

This is a Facebook group created to connect expat families, parents and kids in Brno. Members are welcome to post and share tips for locations, events, contacts etc.

 English Speaking Mums in Brno and Kuřim

This Facebook group is open for mothers, fathers and their children (0 months and up) living in Brno and surroundings. The members are locals or foreigners speaking English on all levels. The members exchange tips but also occasionally meet for a coffee, playing with children, trips etc.

Mixed Race Families in Brno

 Members of the group from all around the world meet regularly to have fun together but also to share experience and tips about having children in the Czech Republic. Don´t hesitate to contact the founder Corona Čermák to learn more about their activities.

Antenatal and post-natal care

You can learn about various techniques concerning the labour (breathing, relaxation, positions) as well as the care for a newborn baby, also what to take with you to the maternity hospital and what is going to happen there step by step. They will tell you what to take to the maternity hospital, when to go there, everything about all stages of labour and contractions, how to deal with possible complications, etc. You can also join a tour of all the delivery rooms in Brno maternity hospitals or hire a doula or a midwife to assist you personally.

Registered midwives

Registered midwives are healthcare providers allowed to deliver babies in hospitals:

Iva Korábová

English and French, offers a wide range of ante and post-natal care and courses

  • +420 604 416 502


Doulas are childbirth coaches who can be present during the childbirth.

Anna Fiľová

certified doula, English, offers a wide range of ante and post-natal care and courses

  • +420 774 349 793
  • website

Family Point

This centre is a part of a large regional Family Centre which has a wide pool of specialists focusing on all areas of family life and cooperates with the Brno Expat Centre.

Family Point can provide a lot of useful information regarding family life (contacts for schools, doctors, childminders and other specialists, info about events, places and people who can offer help etc.)

Their address in Brno is: Josefská 1, they are open daily. To consult in English, contact Petra and Kateřina on Wednesdays, 9am – 1pm. You can also contact them through

Family Points also include a network of  independent spots throughout the city where mums can come with their children to rest, breastfeed, change and play. Flyers with a map are available at each of these locations.

More links

You can also follow the blog of one of Brno’s expat mums or read a story on having a baby in Brno written by our American blogger.

Very useful links in Czech only

  • Aperio is a very well-known online advisory centre for (future) parents. They can advise you in many areas including choice of a maternity hospital, services for families, family and work issues etc.
  • Babyonline is one of the most popular online Czech forums and websites for (future) mothers and fathers.