General info

An Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of public documents, and confirms that the document was issued by the relevant authority.

Generally, public documents are of administrative nature or coming from an authority or a court. They can also be extracts from various registers and academic diplomas. The most common documents that require authorizations of this kind are birth or marriage certificates.

If you need such a document from your home country, you need to obtain the Apostille, as well as a verified translation of the said document.

If you need an authenticated copy of a normal document, read our guide Authentication of copies and signatures.

Do I need an Apostille?

Firstly, find out whether both the issuing country and the country in which the documents are to be used are a party to the Apostille Convention (the Czech Republic is a contracting party and issues / recognizes apostille). Here is a list of the countries where the Apostille Convention applies

How do I get it?

At the start, find out what kind of a document you need the Apostille for. If it is judicial documents including documents issued or certified by notaries you need to contact the Ministry of Justice. For any other documents please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can apply either in person or by a registered letter.

For authorities responsible for the issue of apostille in different countries than the CR, browse through this list at the Apostille Convention website.

How to apply for an apostille to a document

One of the most common cases you might need an Apostille for is obtaining a birth certificate or tax domicile. It consists of two steps.

Step 1: Get the “higher verification” on the original document

For the birth certificate or  marriage certificate, visit the municipality office, department (Odbor vnitřních věcí > Správní oddělení) door 104A at Husova 12, and ask for vyšší ověření. All you need to bring is the original of marriage certificate or birth certificate and your ID (and a residence card just in case), and 100,- CZK for a fee.

For the tax domicile, ask the local Financial office, who issued your tax domicile, to provide a higher signature vyšší ověření on the document. You can ask this already in the application for the domicile, just write the request (“žádám o vyšší ověření domicilu”) at the end. They will send it to Prague to the Director’s office and then to your mailbox. Or you can send the original document on your own to Generální finanční ředitelství, Lazarská 15/7, 117 22, Praha and attach a letter asking for “vyšší ověření“.

For the criminal record, you must visit the Registry (Matrika) at Nádražní 4, Brno. There you will ask for an extract from the criminal record “výpis z trestního rejstříku”.

Also prepare:

  • the form
  • birth certificate with official translation into Czech
  • valid passport/ID
  • 100 CZK as a revenue stamp

The Registry will forward the application to the Prague Criminal Register (Soudní 988/1, 140 66, Prague 4). Then you will receive a certificate of the criminal record by post to your address.

Once you receive the required document with a higher verification, you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Legalization department

At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can apply in person or by mail. (‘Odbor konzulárních činností – pracovní skupina legalizace’, contact and details here) In person, you need to travel to Prague – but you get the document immediately. Remember to bring a stamp (kolek) worth 300 CZK.

address: Hradčanské náměstí 5, Praha 1, 118 00
phone: +420 224 182 188 (or 153, 527)

If you wish to apply by mail you can send it to:

Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí ČR
Odbor konzulárních činností – pracovní skupina legalizace
Hradčanské nám. 5
110 00 Praha

Send a cover letter*1 and attach the following:

  1. *Information about for which country the document will be used;
  2. *Your postal address to which the document shall be returned, as well as your email or phone;
  3. The required number of stamps (‘kolek’) worth 300 CZK2 for one verification;
  4. The document itself.

The process at the MoFA usually takes up to 30 days.

How to apply for judicial documents (issued by Czech courts or by the Ministry of Justice)

If you wish to apply in person, the office is in Prague so you will have to travel. Don’t forget to bring a stamp (‘kolek’) worth 300 CZK.

address: Na Děkance 3, Praha 2, 128 10
phone: +420 221 997 473 (or 927, 924, 910, 319)

If you wish to apply by mail you can send it to:

Ministerstvo spravedlnosti ČR
Mezinárodní odbor civilní
Vyšehradská 16
128 10 Praha 2

Please attach the following:

  1. The country where the document will be used;
  2. Your address to which the document will be returned, your email and phone;
  3. The required number of stamps / ‘kolek’ worth 300 CZK2 for one verification;
  4. The document itself.

The processing time can take up to 30 days.

1. A template for the cover letter: “Žádám o legalizaci/apostilu přiloženého dokumentu pro stát _Řecko_ (the country of recipient). Adresa pro doručení _______, e-mail: ____, telefon ____” and your signature.

2.Buy a “kolek” at any post office or some newsagent.