General info

If you need to have your documents legally confirmed as exact copies or the originals, or you need to have your signature verified by a notary, you have two options: either go to a notary office, or to a CzechPoint service at a post office (only documents in Czech and Slovak here, though).

The CzechPoint service

CzechPoint service is a government platform for assisted access to the public administration system.

The complete map of CzechPoints is available here. You can find a CzechPoint at almost every post office – you can check the map here, but you can also search for the nearest CzechPoint via Google maps. The post office would then have the blue CzechPoint logo out front.

At CzechPoint, you can get:

  • an authenticated copy of your documents,
  • your signature verified,
  • certified extracts from a number of public administration information systems (e.g. Criminal Register, Land Register),
  • and more: read the official website.

Authentication of copies

If you need an authenticated copy, bring the document with you and ask for an authenticated copy (‘ověřená kopie’). The clerk will make a copy and put a stamp on it.

However, only documents in Czech or Slovak language will be verified.

The process takes around 10 minutes and costs 30 CZK + 3 CZK for every page in black and white copy.

Verified signatures

When it comes to verification, the CzechPoint service works like a notary. Go to your nearest post office with CzechPoint and bring one of these:

  • a valid identification card  or passport (EU citizens);
  • a valid passport (nonEU citizens);
  • and a residence permit.

Ask for “vidimace – ověřování kopie listiny“. The clerk will attach a small document with information regarding who, where, and when has done the verification. Then you will sign the document in front of them.

The process takes around 10 minutes and costs 30 CZK.


Take your original document and visit the office of any state-authorized notary (‘notář/notářka’) where the necessary procedure will be carried out speedily and for a standard rate.

There are many notaries in Brno. For English-speaking customers, we usually recommend:

(!)Documents for international use

Please note that if you need to get a verified copy of a public document for international use, you need a special seal or certificate – apostille or superlegalization. Read our guide on how to get an apostille.