General info

Whether you are new in Brno or have lived here for a while, this multi-layered map can come in handy. Based on the Google interactive maps, it will show you places important for your life and work here.

Points of interest

  • medical services (emergency hospitals and pharmacies, GPs, dentists, pediatricians — we know the most English speaking doctors in Brno!)
  • local authorities (foreign police, immigration offices, tax offices, social security office, registry etc.);
  • transport in Brno (train and bus stations, airport, ferry boats and public transport points of sale);
  • culture and arts (cinemas, libraries, museums and much more);
  • trusted international organisations with highly qualified jobs;
  • churches with English services;
  • public schools with extra foreign-language lessons;
  • sport and leisure activities;
  • and other trusted services (real estate agencies, law firms, insurance companies or banks).

Coming up

We plan to add more layers, e.g. useful commercial services in Brno recommended by our foreign clients. Is there anything missing? Your business, maybe? We can add the address (or also the link, description and a photo) in the map. Feel free to contact Marie at


Each layer has a different icon. In the top left corner menu bar you can switch the individual layers on and off and see the full list of points of interest. In the top right corner you can expand the map to its full size and share it on your social networks. Clicking points in the map displays detailed information.