General info

The easiest way to get an extract from the criminal register is to visit a CzechPoint1 service.

You can find a CzechPoint in almost every post office – you can check the map here, but you can also search for the nearest CzechPoint on Google maps.

Take at least one of the following with you :

  • a valid identification card* (EU citizens) or a valid passport* (EU or nonEU citizens);
  • and Czech residence permit (if you have one).
  • * if the name at birth is not explicitly listed on your ID/passport, a certified translation into Czech of your birth certificate is required (at some – not all – Brno CzechPoint offices)

EU citizens (except for citizens of Italy, Portugal, Finland, the Netherlands, and Hungary – these have to get it from their national institutions abroad) can be given an extract from their home country as well if they ask for it. You will need to ask for a ‘výpis z rejstříku trestů s přílohou’.

The process takes up to 25 days. You will be notified if it is ready sooner, though. Also, you can pick up your extract at any other CzechPoint contact place.

The fee is 100 CZK.

Optionally, you can apply for the Criminal record via your “data mailbox“. Follow the link and instructions of the PORTAL.GOV.CZ. The criminal record will arrive to your data mailbox, but if you need it physically present to some authority, you need to visit the CzechPoint for an authorized “conversion” from the electronic to paper copy to have the official stamp on it.

1. a platform for assisted access to the public administration system. Read a separate guide on their other services