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Many believe that there is no better way of meeting new people and starting to feel at ease in a new country than getting actively involved in the local community. Rolling one’s sleeves up and putting their skills, talent and experience to a good use can definitely be a great way to go.

Getting involved in the local community as a foreigner will help you gain more insight along the way, such as getting to know the locals and their culture better, face new challenges and gain experiences, and you also start to care and feel like you truly belong with the Brno Culture and community.

Below, you’ll find a list of activities ranging from editing, administrative help, and language teaching, to event organizing, becoming a buddy for newcomers, or manual help and supervised assistance to those in need. All of the listed volunteering opportunities are available for non-Czech speakers and will allow you to get involved in locally based or engaged organisations. In a few cases (at least a basic level of) Czech is an advantage.

Once you find the activity you are interested in, follow the instructions on how to learn more and contact the organisation. Also, please, note that not all of the positions might be available at all times. But feel free to discuss any further involvement directly with the organisation representatives.


The Volunteering Centre

To learn about other volunteering possibilities in Brno – some of which might be available for expats as well – you can get in touch with the local volunteering centre called Dobrovolnické centrum 67. Apart from information they also provide guidance and support to people with their own ideas and volunteering / non-for-profit projects and activities.

  • opening hours: upon prior agreemet
  • address: Bratislavská 26, Brno
  • contact person (English):, 776 594 804


  • How to learn more:
  • Volunteering activities: This website offers volunteering activities not only for Czechs. Go to the link and mark off ‘Foreign Volunteer’ on the left side and press ‘vyfiltruj’. Then just scroll down and find your favourite activity. (Limited activities are offered in English)

Overview of possibilities

We are constantly working on enlarging the list of volunteering opportunities for non-Czech-speaking expats living in Brno. Help us to look for them! Let us know if you come across some interesting expat-friendly volunteering activities or projects, or if you start one yourself.



The Women’s Educational Institute (commonly known as Vesna) is a continuation of the activities of the Czech Women’s Educational Association based in Brno, which was founded in the early 1870s. It focuses on educational, social, and recreational activities for the general public.

In its current form, Vesna operates as a support and humanitarian aid distribution centre for Czech single parents and families in need and also currently for war refugees from Ukraine. The Vesna Wardrobe is a unique source of basic material needs. It also functions as a centre for the transfer of information on educational, cultural, recreational, physical, and social activities. There are two branches, one at Údolní 10 for activities and at Pellicova 2c for the charity wardrobe.

Vesna is always open to cooperation and offers volunteering opportunities for both corporate groups and individual expats. Some of the staff can communicate in English and will be happy to tell you about the various activities you could join. Some of the activities you could do:

  • sorting clothing and donated items
  • helping with activities for children or women

Feel free to contact Vesna at

Mise naděje

Student association which helps people with serious disease, autism, mentally or physically disabled and also socially disadvantaged. Another aim is to help endangered animals in the Czech Republic.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability:
  • Volunteering activities: Tutoring children in an orphanage together with Czech students.
  • Note: Many other projects also available. It depends on the current situation, availability, and the person who is asking for volunteering. Don’t be afraid to ask.


IQ roma servis

Independent association which specializes in helping the Romanies and tries to build friendly relationships between the Roma and other people.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability: Zuzana Scott – coordinator, +420 730 519 453,
  • Address: Vranovská 45
  • Volunteering activities:
    • 1) Language teaching – helping with tutoring of language with clients.
    • 2) Big brothers/Big sisters – become a mentor, who helps with specific tasks and is more connected with the life of the client.
    • 3) Specialization – use your specialization in PR or IT to help improve the organisation.
    • 4) Help with a one-day activity help with the organizing of some activities, cleanups, etc.


Diecézní charita Brno

Diecézní charita Brno (DCHB) is a non-profit church organisation, which concentrates on the field of social and insurance treatment, local and foreign humanitarian help, and supporting basic human rights and freedom.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability: Tereza Veselá – coordinator, +420 730 578 754,
  • Address: Třída Kpt. Jaroše 1928/9
  • Volunteering activities:
    • 1) Manual work – garden work (mowing the lawn, clean-up of a pond) by the retirement home and a shelter. Clean-up of the rooms – taking the boxes, tidying the donation boxes. Helping with independent activities, i.e. building a stand. 1-2 hours/week, depends on the season
    • 2) Paperwork by the management of DCHB – scanning the documents, putting the data in the database, proofreading English and German scripts, translation from English to the native language of the volunteer. 1-2 hours/week
    • 3) Professional counselling and training – use your specialization to train your colleagues (HR, IT, …) in English, 2-3 hours/ all day
  • Note: For more info contact the coordinator or you can follow their Facebook page

DC Teen Challenge

A children’s centre which is part of a network of services of the international organization Teen Challenge. It focuses on addiction prevention and other forms of risky behaviour in children who are extremely vulnerable. In Brno, they serve children aged 3–16 years, who grow up in excluded parts of the city, isolated from the majority society. They offer children a wide range of activities: leisure, educational and preventive, which allow them to spend time meaningfully and work on their personal development.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability: tel. 739 600 052
  • Address: Cejl 18
  • Volunteering activities:
    • 1) Support for the group leaders – helping to prepare programmes and games for the kids.
    • 2) Cooking show – present interesting food from your country and teach the kids how to cook it.
    • 3) English support help some of the children with their English for school
    • 4) Help with a one-day activity help with the organizing of some activities, cleanups, etc.

NK Pavlač

NK Pavlač is cooperating with Ratolest centre and they help children from socially disadvantaged families and locations. They work both inside their centre and in the streets.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability: +420 774 723 626,
  • Address: Vranovská 4
  • Volunteering activities:
    • 1) Work with clients –independent activities, which you can do without knowledge of the Czech language, i.e. dancing, music, drawing or any other activity you are good at.
    • 2) Present your country – make a presentation of your country, show the pictures, explain the history, tell something about the customs and food specific to your country. Be as creative as you like.
    • 3) Manual work – be ready to help with everything from cleaning to preparing activities.
  • Note: Clients of NK Pavlač speak mostly just Czech so be prepared to explain things without words sometimes. Some activities happen with Czech tutors present who can translate but not all of them.

Be International

A student-driven educational NGO based at the Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University deals with topics such as human rights, active citizenship, media, anti-hate speech campaigns, and education.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability
    • Write to
    • or visit. They are open every Wednesday in room 0.08 at the Faculty of Social Studies.
  • Address: Faculty of Social Studies, Joštova 218/10
  • Volunteering activities: Become a member of the team and get involved in the preparation of their activities such as various screenings, participative discussions, and cooperation with the local Syrian community. It would be much appreciated for an international volunteer to come to the program with their own ideas, and we will be happy to help and provide support for your efforts.
  • Note: Be International mainly work with non-formal education methodologies and send young people abroad for both short term education projects and long-term European voluntary services within the Erasmus+ programme.



AIESEC is an organisation, which develops leadership by internships or membership in the Czech Republic.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability: Contact Hana Osifová, 603 208 612,
  • Address: Vinařská 499/5, Brno
  • Volunteering activities
    • 1) You will join the team in which you will organize projects for foreign internships. Another task is to help Czech people finding an ideal internship abroad.
    • 2) Marketing, cooperating with firms and university associations.
    • 3) Joining national and local conferences (twice a year) to develop the ability of leadership and gain work experience.
  • Note: Aiesec is opened for everyone of age 18-30. You need to stay for at least half a year in the organisation to become a member. The communication language is English.


ADRA is a humanitarian agency providing individual and community development and disaster relief. ADRA Brno Volunteer Center motivates, trains and coordinates activities of volunteers serving seniors living on their own or in retirement homes. Their volunteers fight loneliness and isolation and bring joy and kindness to those who need it. They believe that there is a volunteering role for everyone – we also manage CSR programs and activities for foreigners who want to offer one-time help to our communities.
They offer communication in English, German, Spanish or French.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability: Kateřina Havránková – coordinator, +420 733 598 494,
  • Address: Cejl 37/62, Brno 602 00
  • Volunteering activities
    • Spend an afternoon with a team of our volunteers – Help with gardening, cleaning or organizing activities for clients in retirement homes.
    • Bake something! – Do you enjoy baking and cooking? Help us prepare a delicious surprise for our seniors and caregivers.
    • Be creative. – Help us with organizing a creative workshop for our clients.


ČSOP Morava nature protectors

Do you fancy some proper nature-conservation work outdoors? ČSOP, an association with decades of practise, offer occasional opportunities to join them for weekend outings involving work, fresh air, good food and friendly people. Contact them at for more information.

Trash Hero Brno

This is a non-profit organization putting together regular clean-up hauls. Very English friendly – many foreigners (mainly students) present.

A link:


A social and ecological organisation which tries to support people; and by doing so it helps society, animals, and nature. The organization is a committed responsible group of people who care about the issues of the earth.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability: Daniela Nikšičová – coordinator, +421 944 314 135 ,
  • Address:  Křížová 15, 603 00, Brno
  • Volunteering activities:
    • 1) Proofreading of English and Russian texts
    • 2) Help with outdoor activities
    • 3) Interpreting at events
    • 4) Community events – planning and organising

Street containers

There are containers around the city where you can donate food, clothes, toys and electronics.

1) Food-box

  • How to learn more and check availability:
  • Address: Skandinávská-Hypermarket Tesco
  • Info: Food box is located in Shopping park Avion

2) Textile (clothes, toys)

  • How to learn more and check availability:
  • Address: A link to a list of boxes
  • Info: Donate clothes and toys packed in plastic bags and drop them to one of the containers in Brno. Visit the website to find out what objects belong to this container.

3) Electronics

  • Possible electronics: Batteries and small electronic devices, radios, small computer parts, phones, electronic toys.
  • Address: Potential places
  • Info: Containers for small electronic devices, functioning as well as not functioning.

Dobrá karma (Good Karma) Flea market

A flea market that for anyone who is not indifferent to waste, wants to save the planet and some money and prefers things with a story instead of shiny things from the store.

  • It takes place every first Saturday of the month in the VUT complex on Kraví hora, always from 1 to 5 p.m.
  • Volunteers for the organizing and sorting team are welcome. Anyone who would like to get involved should contact the email

Zoo Brno

  • How to learn more and check availability: follow this link or write to
  • Address: U Zoologické zahrady 46, Brno
  • Volunteering activities:  Adopt an animal! You can choose one of the animals on the list, fill in the application form and send. The amount of money you send is used for feeding animals. You can become an adoptive parent or contributor for breeding. To become an adoptive parent, you need to send the exact amount for the animal which is written in the brackets. On the other hand, you can send at least 500 crowns to become a contributor for breeding.
    For a larger donation, you will receive more gifts in return for your contribution. You will receive a certificate of adoption, sponsor label, an invitation for a meeting of other adoptive parents, and above all, a plaque with your name in honour of your donation will appear at the animals living quarters. For a higher donation, you can get free tickets or a special gift.
  • Note: There are no other possibilities for volunteering in ZOO Brno for this moment.

Brno Llama Centre

If you’d like to support a unique natural habitat for both llamas and people (and a few goats) on the edge of Brno, you can purchase a gift certificate for “The Llama Shepherd”, a personalised VIP leisure programme in the centre where you learn a lot more about them, how to care for them and take them for a walk. If having a closer relationship to one of the many animals sounds interesting, you can adopt a llama and enjoy free visits to see “your pet” all year round. In both cases you can of course use the certificate as a gift for a loved one.

The website is in Czech but if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact them by e-mail – they can also communicate in English, French or Polish.


An NGO organizing international volunteering projects and thus usually sending volunteers from the CR abroad and vice versa. The focus is on ecology, work with the elderly, children and youth, restoration of monuments and community development.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability: To learn about volunteering opportunities in the CR for foreign nationals with temporary or permanent residency in the CR contact them at 222 362 713,
  • Address: You will be in touch with the Prague office as the Brno office deals with activities not suitable for non-Czech speakers.
  • Volunteering activities
    • Short-term voluntary projects or workcamps usually take up to 3 weeks. There are 5 – 24 people in the group. The projects focus on various areas, some of them are designed for certain age groups or suitable for families.
    • Volunteering for all is a program of inclusive volunteering that creates opportunities and provides practical support to all those that are facing barriers that would prevent them from participating in volunteer projects. Inclusive volunteering involves people with fewer opportunities, disabilities, from socially disadvantaged backgrounds etc.
  • Note: If you are interested in volunteering outside the CR, you can participate through Inex-Sda if you have a permanent residency in the CR. If not, you will need to find a different sending organisation. (More info on the very bottom of this article: link to

Blood Donation

Brno University Hospital – The Department of Transfusion and Tissue Medicine

One of the most important hospitals in both Brno and the South-Moravian region comprises of several clinics and medical centres. It is also well-known for its successful cooperation with Masaryk University.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability: Reception of blood donors: Monday – Friday at 6.30 am – 1 pm. Write to or call 532 233 633. Note that returning donors need to make an appointment – men can donate blood every 3 months, women every 4 months.
  • Address: Jihlavská 20
  • Volunteering activities
    • Blood donation is a unique way to help and become a real hero.  If you meet the requirements, all you need is your valid ID/passport and Czech health insurance. The transfusion only takes about 5 min, the rest of the time (cca 45 min) you will spend filling in a blood donor questionnaire and having your blood tests done. You can read more about the whole procedure in our article.



Language Centre, Masaryk University   

An educational and research institution providing resources and services for members of all faculties in need of foreign languages for their study, research or personal interest.

A link to their website:

  • How to learn more and check availability: To learn more, you can write to
  • Address: Komenského nám. 2
  • Volunteering activities
    • 1/ Translation of Czech texts (e.g. brochures, annual reports, administrative materials and project proposals) into English.
    •  2/ Text editing, proof-reading and revisions of English texts (e.g. brochures, administrative materials, project proposals, articles etc.) written by non-native authors. It may also include stylistic revisions of texts written by native authors.
    • 3/ Language counselling involves consultations with individuals and/or small groups of English language learners.
    • 4/ Language teaching (any language) involves teaching of non-standard Language Centre language courses (e.g. less widely-taught languages or language soft skills).
  • Note: Eventually, it is possible to become a paid contractor in all of the above-mentioned fields.


Library: Moravská zemská knihovna

The second largest library in the CR primarily aiming at research but also offering a broad variety of foreign books, magazines and audio-visual materials in its British, American, German, and Austrian sections.

A link:

  • How to learn more and check availability: Contact Eva Fukarová, 541 646 320,
  • Address: Kounicova 65a, 2nd floor
  • Volunteering activities
    • 1/ Becoming a member of the Reading group can be an interesting opportunity to meet mostly Czech readers of contemporary literature written in English and share ideas based not only on the assigned texts but also on a different cultural background during regular (every 4 – 6 weeks) discussion meetings in English. More info: a link.
    • 2/ Organizing reading sessions for children in English and/or German is a great opportunity for e.g. parents on parental leave or students/teachers of education or literature to take advantage of a wide range of foreign children books available in the library and thus inspire their potential future readers.
    • 3/ Organizing game evenings and/or matches in English or German can be a nice way of starting a brand new type of social and language meetings in the library. Various board games (Scrabble, Monopoly, Bananagrams, Buzz Word – four of each) are available in the English library, several others (even for children) in the German library.
    • 4/ Photo documentation of various events organized by the foreign libraries. Previous experience with photography is an advantage, you only need to speak basic Czech or English to be able to communicate with the volunteering program coordinator Eva.
    • 5/ Help with organizing events and/or promoting the library is an opportunity to get a real hands-on experience, not necessarily on a regular basis.


Museum of Romani Culture

The only museum of its kind in the world.

A link to their website:

  • How to learn more and check availability: Contact
  • Address: Bratislavská 67, Brno

Volunteering activities:

    • 1/ Help with English conversation for the museum staff.
    • 2/ Help with the museum collection – if interested in this topic
    • 3/ IT assistance