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Sometimes it is actually not really needed to own a car. Car sharing services can be of great help to those who only need a car occasionally. It is quite a novel concept in the CR but it is gaining popularity. There are several options: Autonapůl (with a website in English), Ajo, Car4Way.


The largest, most affordable, and convenient carsharing platform offering over 2300 vehicles directly from their owners.


The first Czech car sharing operator providing an easy, clever and responsible mobility service. They now also have electric cars and their cars can drive and park in the centre without limitations.

  • Údolní 33
  • +420 608 468 579
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Carpooling is also getting popular in the Czech Republic. Many Czechs use servers like regularly when planning a long journey by car. Brno is in the centre of Europe so many international users plan their routes through as well. It can be a good solution when on a budget.