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Sports are international, and often require very little communication in Czech. Although, sometimes the very opposite is true. Let’s have a look at the possibilities in Brno:

Swimming Pools

A swimming pool in Czech is called either “koupaliště” (outdoor) or “bazén” (mostly referring to indoor).


Outdoor swimming pools are open only during the hot months of the year, usually starting in June and finishing in September – the exact date depends on the weather. If you are unsure, check the pool’s website first, they always announce when they are opening and closing.


Pools are sometimes booked for group swimming lessons, either partly or fully. We recommend first checking their calendar (always accessible on their webpage) to make sure there is at least one line free for the public.

Swimming pools are usually open from early morning hours (6-7 am) until late evenings (10 pm) to accommodate to peoples shifts at work.

A list of outdoor and indoor swimming pools can be found here: (the list is in Czech). Or read our article with our recommendations: Swimming in Brno and Nearby


To spend a whole day in a large water attraction, one has to travel a bit. It is usually worth a day trip, though.

You can find some aquaparks in the lists mentioned above. Most notable are: Aqualand Moravia or Aquapark Kohoutovice.


See the list of tennis courts and halls in Brno:

There are dozens of tennis courts, both outdoors and indoors. The linked webpage includes all of the tennis centres in and around Brno. In most cases booking is needed in advance.


See the list of badminton courts and halls in Brno:

There are dozens of badminton courts, both outdoors and indoors, as the sport is quite popular with Czechs. The linked webpage includes all the badminton centres in Brno and around Brno. In most cases booking is needed in advance.

Badminton Sharks is a badminton club in Brno with English-speaking instructors, for both children and adults. They organize trainings, tournaments, summer camps and more. You can contact Tomáš Voves from the management.


See the list of climbing walls:

There are many climbing possibilities indoors and outdoors. In most cases booking is needed in advance. More information and opening hours – see web page.


National Yachting school – Škola jachtingu s.r.o

Possible in English. See the linked web page. For other yacht schools – focused on holidays on yachts - see links: – web in English, – web only in Czech. Contact person: Kateřina Křelinová – project manager

Rope Centre

Jungle park – rope centre

Modern rope centre with 3 different routes – different difficulty levels (one of them suitable for adults).


See the website for a list of possibilities: (available only in Czech). In most cases booking is needed in advance. It is possible to borrow bowling shoes at a venue.

Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a modern version of a golf played by flying Frisbees instead. Accessible to anyone with at least one disc, it provides a great opportunity to spend some time outside with your friends and family.

DiscGolf Park Milénova

DiscGolf Park is an outside course open for anyone to play (no need to call ahead, or pay).

DiscGolf Course Moravsky Krumlov

The Disc Golf course lies in a beautiful park next to Krumlov’s chateau, open for anyone to play (no need to call ahead, or pay).

  • Zámecká street, Moravský Krumlov, 45 min drive from Brno
  • website


The nicest golf course and resort is located in Jinačovice, just outside Brno. There are other courses more suitable for training located in Žabovřesky, Komárov and Žebětín. Another beautiful course is located near the chateau in Slavkov (Austerlitz).

Horse riding

Jezdecký areál – Horse Riding

Horse riding – regular courses, or individual lessons. Possible in English. Courses outdoors or indoors. Starting at 450 CZK/hour.

Ice Skating

See the list of public ice rinks in Brno: (Czech only)

Some of the rinks rent or sharpen ice-skates. They are open only in winter months and in certain weather – it is always better to check on the website above.

VSK Technika Hokej Brno is a hockey hall, with an ice-skating ring and open classes, and with English-speaking instructors. You need to bring your ice skates and contact them before coming.

It is possible to skate on the Brno dam, as well: you can check if the ice is strong enough on the website above.


Fitness centres are situated all over Brno – simple google map search can show you the nearest one from you. You pay either by an individual enter, or you prescribe. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Fitness Blue Gym

Fitness and gym in Brno. Activities offered: Fitness, Personal trainers, spinning, group lectures.

Ladies Gym

Fitness, gym and wellness for women. Activities offered: Fitness, Personal trainers, Group lectures (power, body and mind, all modern hits) + wellness (massages, sauna,…).

  • Palackého třída 16, Brno- Centre
  • website

Didn’t find the sport you’d like?

Check out the FB group Sports Brno International and ask – perhpas there are already people out there doing what you’d like and you can easily join them.



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