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When it comes to financial support provided to families in relation to pregnancy, childbirth and afterbirth care of children, the Czech system rests on two main pillars – indirect contributions via tax reliefs and the social security scheme. Apart from the system of assistance in material need and benefits for people with disabilities, the social security scheme also includes social insurance and the state social support which are the two components covering maternity, paternity, parental and child benefits.

If the conditions of eligibility for these benefits are met, they are also available for foreign parents and families living in the Czech Republic.

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A short note on maternity, paternity or parental leave

During their maternity, paternity or parental leaves, the parents are absent but excused from work and entitled to sickness insurance and social support benefits, although not entitled to a salary.

If a mother or a father wish to take leave right after or before the end of their maternity/paternity/parental leave during the period of the maternity leave, the employer is obliged to allow it but, if taken before the parental leave, it then cannot be shortened.

Paternity, maternity or parental leaves of a father during the period when the mother has the right to be on the maternity leave are recognised as performance of work and therefore entitling the parents to the annual leave.

After their return to work (after the allowed period of time), the employer is obliged to assign to them either their original job or a job in correspondence with their employment contracts.