General info

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Section Family: In order to reconcile professional and family roles of parents and thus create better conditions for families in the Czech Republic a number of

  • social services supporting, assisting and counselling families or their individual members exist all around the country,
  • measures were taken to make labour law more beneficial for parents (possibilities of taking time off and homeworking, rest intervals for nursing, flexible working hours or their modifications, transfer to other jobs or their prohibition etc.) and
  • child care services of various kinds were established.

Section State social support1 : Apart from parental and child benefits or a birth grant, also a housing benefit and, sadly, a funeral grant represent family-related benefits available through the state social support.

Section Forms represents a very useful source of both interactive (online) and printable forms required when applying for various social benefits.

Benefits for people with disabilities: In order to learn more about assistance in material need and benefits for people with disabilities go to the official website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs sections State social support or Family – The social security system

 Czech Social Security Administration

Section Benefits provided under sickness insurance: More information on maternity benefit as well as other benefits covered by sickness insurance.


  • Family Point: This centre is a part of a large regional Family Centre which has a wide pool of specialists focusing on all areas of family life and cooperates with the Brno Expat Centre. Family Point can provide a lot of useful information as well as professional counselling regarding family life2 (contacts for schools, doctors, child minders and other specialists, info about events, places and people who can offer help etc.) Their address in Brno is: Josefská 1, they are open daily. To consult in English, contact Petra and Kateřina on Wednesdays, 9am – 1pm. You can also contact them through
  • The Family and Social Care Centre (Centrum pro rodinu a sociální péči) is a non-profit organization offering also family counselling and support in critical situations

Very useful links in Czech only

  • Online calculators (updated for 2017) that, apart from calculating your social benefits (Section Důchody a daně), can be used to calculate your sick benefit, all kinds of taxes (income, inheritance, gift) or your annual leave etc.
  • Aperio is a very well-known online advisory centre for (future) parents. They can advise you in many areas including choice of a maternity hospital, services for families, family and work issues etc.
  • Babyonline is one of favourite Czech online forums and websites for (future) mothers and fathers.
  • Sociální dávky online is a web portal and discussion forum concerning all kinds of social benefits.
  • Poradenství v oblasti sociální péče lists a couple non-profit centres offering family counselling and trainings
  • Pro rodiny s dětmi is an official portal of the city of Brno that lists various family-oriented places in the city such as family and mother centres, (pre-) schools, parent groups with disabled or hyperactive children, leisure, health and sport activities and establishments etc.

For more useful tips concerning family life in Brno, you can also check out the other guides, especially Having a Baby, or Medical services, Health insurance, Schools and pre-school facilities or Leisure for kids.

1. On December 21 2017 this website has not yet been updated and therefore does not include the changes valid from January 1 2018.

2. Family Points also include a network of  independent spots throughout the city where mothers can come with their children to rest, breastfeed, change and play. Flyers with a map are available at each of these locations.