General info

To stay in the know, we definitely recommend joining the many active Facebook groups through which foreigners in Brno daily communicate. The group to start with is ‘Living in Brno’. For others, check the guide ‘Useful Links‘.

Regular Events

We – the Brno Expat Centre – organize free-of-charge events every month – both expert seminars and informal meetings, trips and sports tournaments. Keep an eye on what’s coming up.

More organic international communities in Brno get together regularly, too. English in Brno is an informal community of English speakers – foreigners and locals alike. They meet every week at different venues for an ‘English Meeting.’ You don’t need to sign up anywhere, just show up, buy a beer and speak to the first person/group that catches your eye – every newcomer started that way.

You can also meet new people at events organised by Internations Brno, Coachsurfing and Foreigners (an agency).


Brno is home to cultural institutes such as the British Council, Alliance française and Österreich Institut. They provide language courses and cultural activities.

If you’d like to mingle with a younger crowd, universities have their international student clubs – Masaryk University, University of Technology and Mendel University.


You are certain to bump into foreigners at bars such as East Village, The Immigrant or Clubwash. Some of them organize regular pub quiz nights in English. Expats also like to hang out around the public electric grill in Lužánky park – just grab a few friends and something to BBQ!


We organise regular business meetings with enterprising expats – some of them with guest speakers, or feedback sessions. Read more in our guide Business Community in Brno. You can also join this FB group: Brno Entrepreneurs.

Photo courtesy by #brnoregion.