General info

The advantage of Brno’s position right in the centre of Europe plus the dense network of public transport throughout the country means that it’s really easy to do if you want to get out of town for a day or a weekend, spend some time outdoors, see some interesting sights, just go somewhere new to relax and leave the mundane everyday world behind you.

Here’s a selection of locations which are easily accessible from Brno and some more useful information on getting about in CR. You can also check out the personal recommendations of the BEC team.

Planning where to go

Call of the Woods (Sunday trips and walks)

Weekly walks through the woods around Brno for exchange students and other foreign enthusiasts. English is the communication language. All the info and planned events available at FB group.

Czech-produced maps might not be as popular for planning your trips as Google maps or others. However, they have one redeeming quality: they show marked tourist paths, even in their offline mode. Have you ever noticed these colourful marks on trees or lampposts? They are signifying a tourist path. The Czech Tourist Club takes care of them. They lead past the most beautiful sights, both natural and cultural. It is always a good idea to plan your trip, hike, & bike according to them.
You have to download the maps to be able to use them offline: you can choose to download the whole country or just a small region: as such, the size of the file is highly reduced.

Kudy z nudy

This app, freely translated as “Out of boredom”, will suggest trips and routes for your trips, giving you all the important information you need: what to see, how to get there, where to stop, where to snack. It is only in Czech, though.


This page highlights the best of what the Czech Republic has to offer. You can select South Moravia or even further than that depending on your timeframe.

Natural Sights

Czechs are very fond of the outdoors, walking, hiking and camping. The Czech Republic has the largest network of marked walking paths in the world, already since the 19th century. In Brno, it is very easy and comfortable to get on any bus or tram and ride to the terminus, be in the forest in 10 minutes, follow one of the coloured trails and get home by the end of the day. If you’re fond of nature, check out and download the app in your phone. Then just switch it to the tourist maps, set your goal and enjoy.

You can also find an extensive list of ideas for trips here:

The website offers not only a detailed description of walking / hiking / exploring routes, but a lot of information about what to see and where to go. It is only in Czech.

Punkva Caves and Macocha Abyss, and other caves

Four beautiful caves in the Moravian Karst area, very much worth seeing. Interesting for children aged 3 and up. The visit to the Punkva Caves is the most interesting; it includes a cruise on an underground river through the caves and a visit to the bottom of the Macocha Abyss. An unforgettable experience.

Near Punkva there’s also a lift to take you to the top of the Macocha Abyss, with a spectacular view to its depths.

Parking possible by Skalní mlýn restaurant (approx. 500 m from Punkva Caves entrance) or at the Macocha Abyss. From Skalní mlýn there is an electric train to Punkva Cave.

Open all year round. Online ticket purchase in advance is strongly recommended, especially during the summer season.

Pálava region; Děvičky and Sirotčí Castle; Turold Cave

It is one of the most beautiful locations in the Czech Republic. You can take your children for a day-trip and visit the ruins of Děvičky and Sirotčí Castle. You can also enter Na Turoldu cave near Mikulov. If you are tired after the trip, enjoy coffee in Café Fara in a picturesque village Klentnice.

Lednice-Valtice Area

The Lednice-Valtice area is a UNESCO monument in the south of Moravia. It includes 2 castles – Lednice and Valtice, extensive well-kept gardens with ponds and statues. There are also other bigger monuments in the area – such as Jan’s Castle, Colonnade or Obelisk.

Ferry boats

Ferry boats on Brno reservoir

The public transport company does not only run trams, trains and buses, but also boats on the Brno reservoir. The boats travel up and down the lake throughout the day. You can go right to the far end, where you will find Veveri Castle, or get off at any of the intermediate stops and wander around the woods – with nice restaurants and playgrounds. The castle itself is a spectacular sight, although neglected for fifty years. It is only now beginning to come alive again, and tours of the interior are a testimony of various past eras. Walking round the castle, with its great towers, walls, and inner buildings is enjoyable, and almost every weekend there is some kind of an event taking place there. You can also rent a ferry boat for a private group.

Lookout Towers

Here is a list of lookout towers around Brno. If you want to visit one, you can find its exact location on or on Google maps, where you can also plan a trip around the lookout tower.

Babí lom

  • Lelekovice
  • Free access every day of the year

Vladimír Menšík Lookout Tower

  • Hlína – near Ivančice
  • Opened on weekends, April – October, small entrance fee required


  • Drnovice – near Vyškov
  • Free access every day of the year


  • Adamov, Babice nad Svitavou
  • Free access every day of the year


  • Čebín
  • Opened on weekends, April – October, small entrance fee required

Akátová věž – Acacia Tower

  • Židlochovice
  • Free access every day of the year


  • Hustopeče, placed in an almond tree orchard (it’s really beautiful especially in spring, when the trees are in bloom)
  • Free access every day of the year


Check out our separate guide on swimming.

Hot-Air Balloon flights

Balloon flights are very popular in Brno: you will notice it sooner or later, just watching the sky and the number of balloons flying over your head. Here is an English-speaking organization that provides hot-air balloon flights:

Original souvenirs

Pohlednice online

Smartphone application from the Czech Post, translated as 'Online Postcard'. In this application you can send any photo from your mobile phone as a postcard (1 photo or collage + short message + address) and the Czech Post will print it and send it to the person. You can send photos from any country to the Czech Republic and beyond - but postcards sent outside the Czech Republic are more expensive.

Historical Sights

Veveří Castle

A large castle with a beautiful scenery near the Brno reservoir, accessible also by the “steam“ boats. Take a short walk in the courtyard or take a tour of the castle. If you are more interested in nature, look at the map and find possible routes how to get there on foot.

Nový Hrad

Small but cosy castle, which offers traditional markets with old crafts, food and liquors.

Opened only on weekends, during summer months also daily except Monday.

Pernštejn Castle

A magnificent gothic castle which wasn’t spoiled by wars or fires. Many different additions to the castle throughout the centuries make up its today´s appearance. Very much a recommended site.

Pavlov Archaeology Park

  • Pálava Protected Landscape Area, approx. 45 minutes south of Brno by car
  • 519 510 585

Visit the site of mammoth hunters and the discovery of the world-famous Venus statuette, in an award-winning new museum overlooking the large Mušov lakes below the Pálava ridge.

Roman army compund at Mušov

  • Pasohlávky, next to Aqualand Moravia, 30 minutes south of Brno by car
  • 736 184 833

A place where the famous Roman legionaries of Emperor Marcus Aurelius camped almost 2000 years ago. The visitors centre at the foot of the archaeological site and cultural monument Hradisko near Mušov was researched and built by the Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Brno.