General info

Brno is full of families with small children. There are many kid-friendly venues which are ready to welcome you and entertain your children for hours.

Here’s a comprehensive list of places to visit: from running your errands in town, to cafés and restaurants, hobbies, sports and leisure centres to places for walks and day trips.

Family points

  • Josefská 1, Brno-Centre
  • 518 328 820, 542 217 464

The Family point is a friendly place for all families – Family points are located in many places throughout the city, offering room for parents with children to rest, change nappies, feed and play, but also other useful information for families needing other services.

Cafés with little children’s play area

Hrádek plný hrátek

Very nice place, which also offers space for children’s parties. Large children’s corner with a dragon in the middle. Offering various types of drinks, coffee, and desserts.

Duhový ráj

  • Okružní 433/1, Brno-Lesná
  • 737 841 077 (Reception desk), 774 132 588 (Zdeňka Zbořilová)

Café with a playground for your kids but also offering classes such as gym, pottery, music, bead making and more. During the summer months there is a sandy playground and trampoline.

Open daily except weekends.


Playroom in the north of Brno with seating for adults and a snack bar.


  • Pálavské náměstí 4246/5, Brno-Vinohrady
  • 732 427 243, 733 257 173, 604 340 273

Kraválna is the ideal place for noisy children, where they can do what they like. Coffee, non-alcoholic drinks, and desserts are offered.

Children-friendly restaurants

Pizzeria La Gamba

Good pizza and pasta, reasonable prices. Big kids’ corner in the front part of restaurant (make a request to sit near this area when you’re with your kids). High-chairs available.

Za Sedmero restaurant

Very pleasant restaurant with tasty food, kids’ corner inside, high-chairs available. In the summer, huge summer terrace with children’s playground outside. Lovely surroundings, great for trips in the woods and countryside.

Rebio restaurants

  • Mečová 2, Brno-Centre; Orlí 26, Brno-Centre; Holandská 1, Brno-Centre
  • 543 214 878 (Mečová), 542 211 130 (Orlí), 731 463 764 (Holandská)

Rebio restaurants focus on a healthy lifestyle and healthy food. They offer BIO quality food and offer salads, soups, main dishes, and vegetarian specialities. There are also fruit and vegetable cocktails and BIO coffee. Restaurants also have a children’s corner and free Wi-Fi.

ZUŠ – Leisure Art Schools 

In a unique Czech system, Elementary Arts Schools offer classes for young people across the range of performing and visual arts – painting and drawing; photography; music (piano, keyboard, accordion, guitar, violin, cello, drums and many others); singing; dance. They are located throughout the Czech Republic, there are 20 of them in Brno.

Both public and private arts schools exist; the website lists all such schools in Brno and the surroundings.  Usually, they offer preparatory classes followed by more advanced classes once or twice a week according to a curriculum common to all elementary art schools in the Czech Republic. Classes are held in the afternoon.

English courses on request, mainly in the form of individual lessons (in some cases also in German, Russian). You can also search for a private tutor via this website – just Google translate the name of the instrument you require and then narrow the search down by area.

ZUŠ Brno Veveří

Leisure art school which offers classes for children and young people. Classes offered include musical instruments and creative arts such as drawing, dance, theatre, and multimedia.

Hobbies and clubs

Local leisure centres for children and youth in Brno offer a multitude of year-round leisure activities at reasonable prices for children and youngsters. Most young leaders have no problem communicating in English and if your children attend a Czech school, they should have no problem fitting in and interacting with Czech peers.


  • Lidická 1880/50 (central venue), Brno-Centre + many more branches throughout the city
  • 549 524 111, 545 211 336 or 602476796 (Director)
  •, (Director)

This leisure centre offers a wide range of activities, classes, outdoor camps, and education programmes. Some activities for children are led by tutors capable of speaking foreign languages – look up the details on the website.


– another leisure centre with several branches in different city districts


– a leisure centre located in the centre of Brno


  • Lipová 20 (Brno-Pisárky), Rozmarýnová 6 (Brno-Jundrov), Bílovice nad Svitavou, Krásensko, Kamenná 20 (Brno-Centre)
  • 543 330 838, 543 330 839

Lipka is one of the oldest and largest organizations in the Czech Republic to focus on public environmental education. Under its wide range of activities Lipka offers one-day or longer environmental educational programmes for schools and pre schools. In the afternoons they organize science and art courses for children. They spend a lot of time in nature, talking about nature and animals. In addition to this, a number of public events for families with children are organized by their employees yearly at all their venues.

International School of Brno

  • Čejkovická 10, Brno-Vinohrady
  • 544 212 313
    731 558 586 (Coordinator)

It is not compulsory to be an ISB pupil to participate in their leisure activities. See website or contact Coordinator for more information.

Školský komplex

  • Mendlovo náměstí 1/3,4, Brno-Centre
  • 543 211 790, 541 240 006
  • Contact person: Lucie Svobodová

Školský komplex is a cluster of schools, which include an English primary school and also a leisure art school. This school offers classes in music, drawing, pottery and theatre.

Brusinka multicultural centre

Expat-fiendly leisure clubs, concerts, excursions, summer camps, workshops, sports and more, run in Czech, English and Russian.

Démáirt – Irish dancing lessons for children

  • Kounicova 3, Brno-střed
  • 773 578 576, 739 164 925
  • Contact person: Blanka Hanzlová

Irish dancing courses for children from the age of 6 (earlier only upon agreement) Taught by tutors who study under the supervision of a TCRG certified Irish dancing teacher. Possibility to compete on the European level and to continue dancing in the Démáirt ensemble.

Irish dancing lessons – Níl Na Lá

  • Kosmonautů 633/4, Brno-Starý Lískovce
  • 731 201 921, 728 855 571

Classes of Irish dancing for children 6-15 and for adults 16+

Salesian Youth Centre

  • Foerstrova 2, Brno-Žabovřesky
  • 541 213 110

The Salesian Youth Centre offers a Mothers’ Club, around 200 activities for children of school age, and a community of university students. Activities in the Mothers’ Club are held every week; they support the development of the child-parent relationship. Tutors speak English. Some activities for children of school age led by tutors capable of speaking foreign languages (English, German, Italian). The community of students meets every Thursday evening; speaking in a foreign language is no problem. English-speaking families that attend our activities and cooperate with the Centre live in the neighbourhood.

Viki Kids Club

Various activities for English-speaking children and their families. As part of an English preschool it offers a wide range of sports, wellness facilities, etc.

CRSP – Centre for Families

  • Biskupská 280/7, Brno-City
  • 542 217 464

“Centre for Families” offers free-time activities, educational programmes and leisure clubs for parents and children. They also have numerous consultants specialised on various difficult family situations, children’s disorders etc.


Domeček is a leisure-time centre for children and adults. During the school year, it offers regular physical, art and music courses for everyone from an early age until adulthood.


Salesko has a wide range of programmes for children from Brno to spend their free time. During the school year, they organize sports, music and art clubs for children and also for preschool children and their parents. They organize summer camps every year. Salesko also offers a variety of programmes for adults (like climbing or Pilates exercies). In winter they run an icerink.

Divoká vařečka culinary studio

A whole range of cooking courses for adults and children are offered. Some courses held in English – for details see website. Great idea for a gift.

Scouts and similar troops

Scouting has a 100-year tradition in this country. Local troops are led by qualified, experienced and intrinsically motivated volunteer leaders, who prepare the weekly meetings and weekend outings which then culminate in a summer camp. The holistic programme of activities provides a pedagogical structure during the year and ultimately an intense and positive learning and growing experience in the group. Most young leaders have no problem communicating in English and if your children attend a Czech school, they should have no problem fitting in and interacting with Czech peers.



TOMYouth Hiking Troops

LLM – Woodcraft groups

Language courses

If you decide to support your children’s knowledge of Czech to help them excel at school, or another language, to prepare them to conquer the world, here are a few options.


South Moravian Centre for Foreigners

Czech with Pictures

Study Czech






Fun things to do

The TIC Brno tourist information centre lists a whole array of options on their English website.

Another very useful website. Rodičem v Brně (Parenting in Brno) run by two active mothers, is very well informed, together with their FB page, however so far only in Czech.

Here are some of the highlights in Brno and nearby:

Vida science centre

  • Křížkovského 554/12, Brno-Centre
  • 515 201 000

Vida park is a huge place, where you and your children can find a lot of things to do. The exposition is divided into 4 parts – Earth, Civilization, Humans and Microworld. A separate Children’s Science Centre is here for children 2-6 years old. Open daily.

“Steam” boats at the Brno reservoir

Kids – especially older ones – usually enjoy a ride on the ferry boat at the Brno reservoir (in fact for ecological reasons they’re electric boats, but they look like steamboats).  The boats travel up and down the lake all day. You can go right to the far end, where you will find Veveří Castle, or get off at any of the intermediate stops and wander around the woods, discovering nice restaurants, playgrounds or beaches. The castle itself is spectacular to see, but it had been more or less neglected for fifty years, so is only now starting to come alive again. Tours of the interior are fairly restricted, but walking around the castle, with its great towers and walls and inner buildings, is enjoyable, and almost every weekend there’s some kind of event there. The “steam“ boats can also be rented for events.

Season: April-October


A walk-in exhibition of living butterflies which surround you in an indoor jungle.

Garden Railway

Model of the narrow railways, which can be found not only in the Czech Republic. There are plenty of railway buildings such as station buildings, warehouses or bridges. You can also buy a model of a train. Opened every first Sunday in the month from May to September.

Model World

  • Shopping arcade (1st floor) at Josefská 9, Brno-střed
  • 776 346 866

World full of charming railways, slot cars and also wooden railways. Full of various figures, houses, churches and beautifully made streets symbolizing everyday life. You can buy small trains, cars or other things in the shop or e-shop. Opened daily except Mondays and Tuesdays.

Aviatik servis – Balloon rides

  • Šeránkova 4, Brno-Žabovřesky
  • 605 767 776

Brno’s the third-largest producer of hot-air balloons in the world – so why not try one of Aviatik’s exciting balloon rides? Flights over Brno, the surrounding countryside, southern Moravia, even the Austrian Alps, during the day, at night, at dawn – take your pick. Perfect for a special occasion or as a gift.

Cinema City

  • Olympia shopping center – U Dálnice 777, Brno-Modřice
  • Velký Špalíček shopping center – Mečová 2, Brno-střed
  • 255 742 021 (reservations)

Modern cinema multiplex, offering new movies usually in English with Czech subtitles. 3D movies shown. Unfortunately, fairy tales and movies for kids are mostly in Czech.

Two sites, the Olympia shopping centre on the outskirts of the city, and the Velký Špalíček shopping centre, right in the city centre.


Brno Technical Museum

Fascinating museum with exhibits of old motorbikes, cars, engines, planes (especially attractive for boys) and many more. Temporary exhibitions during the year. Big hands-on interactive area. Carpet with wooden blocks for small kids and many experiments to help understand physical phenomena.

Anthropos Pavilion

  • Pisárecká 5, Brno-Pisárky
  • 515 919 760, 515 910 560

Very interesting museum dealing with the origin and evolution of the human race and the beginnings of human culture; both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Life-size models of mammoths, prehistoric people, etc. and unusual findings from archaeological excavations in Moravia. Attractive for children and adults of all ages.

Set in the middle of a beautiful park by the river.

Radost Puppet Theatre – Puppet Museum

A fascinating collection of puppets from productions by the Radost Puppet Theatre over the past sixty years. Housed in what looks like the prow of a great sailing ship. Something special for kids and adults.

Zetor Gallery

  • Trnkova 111, Brno-Líšeň
  • 533 430 111, 533 430 528, 734 416 006

Unconventional museum contains a lot of types of typical Czech tractor brand called Zetor. You and your kids can sit in these huge vehicles and also look at the engines. Many new prototypes of Zetors can be seen. The museum offers plenty of audio-visual components. Opened daily.


Outdoor park with life-size models of dinosaurs that move, make dinosaur sounds, etc. Very exciting for kids. Play areas, 3D cinema. Great day-trip for the whole family.

Note: DinoPark can only be entered via the Vyškov zoo (see separate entry).

Open April (weekends), May-September (daily), October (weekends)

Draxmoor Haunted Castle

  • Dolní Rožínka 5 – approx. 1-hour northwest of Brno by car, 4 km from the Šiklův mlýn Western Park (see separate entry)
  • 602 750 130

Lots of spooky experiences for kids of all ages.

Open May-June (weekends), July-August (daily), September (weekends)

Boskovice Western Park

  • Komenského 50, Boskovice – approx. 45 minutes north of Brno by car
  • 737 000 000

Experience the Wild West. Lots of activities for kids and adults.  Horse shows, trick shooting, Western cabaret, variety show, panning for gold, hurling the tomahawk, etc.  Big covered playground for kids. Good restaurant. A really enjoyable experience for the whole family. Can be rented for company events.

Šiklův mlýn Western Park

  • Zvole 49, Zvole nad Pernštejnem – approx. 1 hour northwest of Brno by car
  • 602 750 130

Great Wild West compound. Large Wild West town, Indian Reservation, many activities for all ages (rodeos, Wild West shows, American square dance lessons, etc.); possibility to rent Western costumes. Accommodation available, wooded area, camp ground, swimming pond.

Open July-August

Vyškov aviation museum

  • Vyškov – approx. 45 min. northeast of Brno by car (see map on website)
  • 604 789 651

A fascinating collection of old planes, helicopters and everything connected to aviation. Especially interesting for boys and dads.

Open April-October (weekends), July-August (daily except Monday).


Play areas

BRuNO Family Park

BRuNO family park is a new modern play centre for families with children aged 0-18 that offers fun regardless of the weather.

FunPark Brno

Great play area for children ages 2 – 10. Inflatable castles, playground for babies, merry-go-round, crafts, slides, ropes – partly outdoors, partly covered by a party tent. Ticket combination with swimming pools available (see Brno Swimming Pool). Open July-August.


  • Pražákova 51, Brno-Horní Heršpice
  • 777 639 172

Indoor family fun centre. Climbing, jumping, sliding – several areas according to the age of the child and physical ability. All the attractions are also fun for parents! Don’t forget to wear socks and casual clothes. Children love it. Café and fast-food outlets for tired parents. Possibility of organizing birthday parties. Open all year round except Mondays.

Olympia park

  • Olympia shopping center, U Dálnice 777, Brno-Modřice
  • 547 423 677

Huge modern play area for children of all ages and adults. Different areas for different age groups, with slides, ropes, water activities, swings, kids train, long path for cycling and roller skating. Climbing wall (largest in Central Europe) available for adults. Fast-food, coffee, toilets available. Open April – October.

Laser Game

Laser Game is an action game, which combines computer games with paintball or airsoft. The advantage is that it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t colour your dress. During 15 minutes of play you are running, shooting and enjoying time with your kids and friends.

Sports and physical activities

The Little Gym of Brno

The Little Gym is a slightly different type of gym where children develop their physical skills and personalities in relation to their ages and abilities in a non-competitive yet motivating atmosphere.

SK DRACI Brno – Baseball

The most successful baseball club in the Czech Republic. Accepts players starting 5-8 years of age. Players with baseball experience (USA, Canada, Japan…) accepted up to 19 years of age. At least one English-speaking coach in each age category.

Jungle park – rope centre

Modern rope centre with three different routes (different difficulty levels), suitable for children from 4 years up.

Kung-fu Brno

Kung-fu is a traditional Chinese self-defence and battle style. Trainings for children are made as a complete preparation for motor skills and coordination of their bodies. The training includes working with instruments, basic warm-up and exercising.

Bowling lanes

The website has links to all of the bowling lanes in Brno and the surrounding area. In most cases booking in advance is required/recommended.

Panská lícha riding centre

  • Panská lícha 6, Brno-Soběšice
  • 545 228 221, 603 493 581

Horse riding, pony riding school, regular courses or individual lessons. For children aged 4 and older. Possible in English. Courses take place outdoors and indoors.

Fit4all centrum

  • Chironova 544/8, Brno-Nový Lískovec
  • 511 187 766

Huge sport centre with a lot of activities. The venue offers a lot of courses such as tennis school, badminton school or some classes for motoric skills. Inside you can find a children’s playground or babysitting up to 2 hours. A café is also included.

Proud Rope Centre

Do you like adrenalin high in the sky? Then take your children and visit this rope centre, where you can link strength and agility.


Jumping park full of trampolines for children and adults. They organize birthday parties or teambuilings as well.

Swimming pools

Kraví Hora swimming pool

Completely refurbished in 2004, with stainless-steel indoor and outdoor pools (50m outdoors, 25m and 15m indoors), a whirlpool, steam bath, etc. Many facilities for kids (slides, wading pool, etc.) available outdoors in the summer season (June – September).

Královo pole outdoor swimming pool

Modern facility with three pools:  25m for swimmers, 25m for non-swimmers with slide, and shallow pool for the younger kids. Playground, lawns, refreshment shops available on site.

Open daily during the whole year.

“Dobrák” Swimming Pool

  • Dobrovského 29, Brno-Královo pole
  • 733 676 566

Modern swimming area – outdoors with one swimming pool for swimmers, second pool for non-swimmers with inflatable slides, and a wading pool for the younger kids with a playground in the centre of the pool. Pleasant area – trees, lawns, large playground for children, refreshment area.

Connected to Funpark (see below); ticket combination with Funpark available.

Open only in the summer season (May-September)

Riviéra outdoor swimming area

Pleasant swimming area, with three pools formed like a river, with different depths according to swimming ability, shallow water for the youngest included. Beautiful natural surroundings – trees, lawns.

Activity available: Beach volleyball

Open only in the summer season

Aquapark Kohoutovice

New, modern water park, open whole year round. Three pools (one for swimmers, one for relaxation with bubbles, one on the roof during summer). Shallow pool for small kids and whirlpool included.

Activity available: Fitness room – gym

Café with kids’ corner available.

Za Lužánkami swimming pool

Brno’s largest swimming pool, 50m. Two pools available, one for swimmers and one for relaxation with water temperature of 33°C.

Aquapark Vyškov – indoor and outdoor

Two pools available, one for swimmers and one for relaxation with water temperature of 33°C and a slide, shallow pool for younger kids. Outdoors: two pools open in summer – one for swimmers and one shallow pool for small kids.

Service offered: Restaurant

Kuřim wellness centre – indoors and outdoors

New, modern wellness centre, offering pools for swimming, relaxation, great for the whole family. Outdoor pool, slide, kids’ play area open in summer.

Services offered: Beach volleyball, fast-food outlet, restaurant, programmes for kids and families

Aqualand Moravia

This large aquapark contains 15 pools, 20 water-slides, 24 types of saunas, 4 whirlpools, wellness zone and a restaurant. A lot of different events during the whole year.

Open every day.

Spa in Laa an der Thaya (Austria)

  • Thermenplatz 3, Laa an der Thaya, Austria – approx. 1 hour south of Brno by car
  • +43 2522 84 700 733 (English, Czech, German)
  • Reception (English, Czech, German)

New, modern wellness centre, offering pools for swimming, relaxation, shallow area for small kids. Great for the whole family. High standard, restaurant and big playroom included. Programmes and activities for children (mostly in German). Buggy rent for toddlers.

Services offered: restaurant, programmes for kids and families, hotel connected to spa centre (reasonable packages)

See also our regularly updated article for more swimming pools.

Ice skating

Skating rink – Za Lužánkami

Outdoor ice skating rink. Good for skating for families and children.

Open only in winter season – for opening dates see website.

Kraví Hora skating rink

Small outdoor ice skating rink. Good for skating for families and children. Most appropriate for beginners and small kids.

They also have a new ice skating rink in the centre of Brno. It’s called “Bruslák pod Joštem” and it’s located around the Jošt statue on the Moravian square (near the street Česká).

Open from mid-December to end of February.

Vodova skating rink

Outdoor winter stadium. Good for beginners. Courses of skating.

Open every day 15:00-17:30 and 18:30-21:00 and weekends 9:00-12:00, 13:00-16:00, 17:00-20:00

Olympia skating rink

  • Olympia shopping centre, U Dálnice 777, Modřice
  • 547 423 677
  • They usually add more information about the ice skating rink to their website, but only in winter during the season.

Favourite skating rink close to the shopping centre (near Subway restaurant). There is a stand where you can borrow ice skates and a small stand with refreshments.

Open 17.11. – 28.2. (9:00-21:00)

Parks and zoo

Botanical garden and arboretum

This park serves as a teaching facility for Mendel University but is also opened to the public. On the area of 2 ha you can find more than 10.000 different types of orchids, trees and other plants. Exhibitions are regularly held in the main building near Bieblova tram stop.

Botanical garden of Masaryk University

Smaller garden than the previous one, but very nice and cosy. Each plant has its name written on a nameplate. A large greenhouse contains various types of plants, small ones and big ones. Interactive boards in Czech and English are provided.

Otevřená zahrada – The Open Garden

The Open Garden in Brno is an ideal place for relaxation, education and entertainment. It includes an interactive educational garden of 4 elements and also an agricultural cycle from soil to fork. Sheep, hens, and rabbits are present.

Lužánky Park

  • Lužánecká – Lidická – Pionýrská, Brno-Centre

The most significant park in Brno is placed in the heart of the city. You can find playgrounds for your children and large spots on the grass for picnics. The park also contains a traffic playground for small children on their bikes where they can learn traffic signs and rules. There is a place for a barbecue during summer months close to the children´s playground.

Brno Zoo

  • U Zoologické zahrady 46, Brno-Bystrc
  • 546 432 311

Modern Zoo with many species of animals from all parts of the world except Antarctica. Special areas for animals from Siberia, northern Canada, and the African plains. A mini-zoo for little kids where they can feel and touch the animals, pony rides, and there are a number of playgrounds scattered throughout the zoo. A small land train travels through the zoo for those who are tired (or lazy). Fast- food outlets and restaurants.  Perfect for a day’s outing.

Different activities available (Halloween crafts, Christmas zoo. etc.).

Regular club for children to learn about animals.

Open year-round

Vyškov Zoo

  • Cukrovarská 9, Vyškov – approx. 45 minutes northeast of Brno by car
  • 776 419 752 (English), 517 346 356, 725 726 374

Beautiful tiny zoo specializing in primitive and exotic species of domestic and farm animals. Feel and touch area where children can touch and feed all kinds of farm animals. Several playgrounds and educational activities. New farm building for different exhibitions, educational activities, movies.

Every 20 minutes a land train or bus (according to the weather) takes people for free to the DinoPark (see separate entry under “Fun Things”), which can’t be entered separately.

Including the DinoPark, it is great day-long trip for the whole family.

Open year-round (DinoPark closed November-March)

Holedná park

Park in the middle of the districts Bystr, Jundrov, Kohoutovice, Komín and Žebětín. Nice place for a family trip. If you are lucky, you can see deer, fallow deer or mouflons that are bred in the forests there. There is also a fenced place with wild pigs that can be fed – children will certainly appreciate it.

Lamacentrum Hády

Special centre which concentrates on lamass, sheep and goats. You and your children can touch, feed, brush, and enjoy your time with the animals.

Open April-October (Wednesday+Weekend) and November-February (Sunday).


Punkva Caves and Macocha Abyss, and other caves

Four beautiful caves in the Moravian Karst area, very much worth seeing. Interesting for children aged 3 and up. The visit to the Punkva Caves is the most interesting; it includes a cruise on an underground river through the caves and a visit to the bottom of the Macocha Abyss. An unforgettable experience.

Near Punkva there’s also a lift to take you to the top of the Macocha Abyss, with a spectacular view to its depths.

Parking possible by Skalní mlýn restaurant (approx. 500 m from Punkva Caves entrance) or at the Macocha Abyss. From Skalní mlýn there is an electric train to Punkva Cave.

Open all year round. Online ticket purchase in advance is strongly recommended, especially during the summer season.

Pálava region; Děvičky and Sirotčí Castle; Turold Cave

It is one of the most beautiful locations in the Czech Republic. You can take your children for a day-trip and visit the ruins of Děvičky and Sirotčí Castle. You can also enter Na Turoldu cave near Mikulov. If you are tired after the trip, enjoy coffee in Café Fara in a picturesque village Klentnice.

Lednice-Valtice Area

The Lednice-Valtice area is a UNESCO monument in the south of Moravia. It includes 2 castles – Lednice and Valtice, extensive well-kept gardens with ponds and statues. There are also other bigger monuments in the area – such as Jan’s Castle, Colonnade or Obelisk.


Špilberk Castle

  • Špilberk 210/1, Brno-Centre
  • 542 123 611

One of the most significant historical sights in Brno right in the centre of the city. You can take your children for a walk around the castle, through the park or even to some exhibitions or take a tour through the castle. There are exhibitions for children from time to time. History of Brno and also Moravia is shown here.

Veveří Castle

A large castle with a beautiful scenery near the Brno reservoir, accessible also by the “steam“ boats. Take a short walk in the courtyard or take a tour of the castle. If you are more interested in nature, look at the map and find possible routes how to get there on foot.

Nový Hrad

Small but cosy castle, which offers traditional markets with old crafts, food and liquors.

Opened only on weekends, during summer months also daily except Monday.

Pernštejn Castle

A magnificent gothic castle which wasn’t spoiled by wars or fires. Many different additions to the castle throughout the centuries make up its today´s appearance. Very much a recommended site.

Lookout Towers

Here is a list of lookout towers around Brno. If you want to visit one, you can find its exact location on or on google maps, where you can also plan a trip around the lookout tower.

Babí lom

  • Lelekovice
  • Free access every day of the year

Vladimír Menšík’s Lookout

  • Hlína – near Ivančice
  • Opened on weekends, April – October, small entrance fee required


  • Drnovice – near Vyškov
  • Free access every day of the year

Alexandr’s lookout

  • Adamov, Babice nad Svitavou
  • Free access every day of the year


  • Čebín
  • Opened on weekends, April – October, small entrance fee required

Akátová věž

  • Židlochovice
  • Free access every day of the year


  • Hustopeče, placed in the almond tree orchard (it’s really beautiful especially in spring, when almond trees bloom)
  • Free access every day of the year


Astronomical observatory

There are many things you can do at the observatory. You can find a large room, where the universe is simulated on a 17 metres long screen. In the “Exploratorium” there is the world of fog and ashes, which are typical substances for stars. If your child is interested in the universe then this place is perfect.

Dlouhá Punčocha Bookshop

A book shop specializing in high-quality children’s literature in both Czech and English.