A part-timer vs self-employed: the differences explained

Besides signing a proper employment contract, there are other legal ways to work for someone. For a part-time job, you can sign an agreement (DPP or DPČ in Czech). Or, you can be self-employed (živnostňák).

We invited lawyer Katka Hájková from HW Legal, to explain your rights and obligations connected to the two options, and compare their (dis)advantages.

Watch the webinar:

(Katka talks for some 20 min; for the rest of the time in the video, she answers questions from the audience).

Important vocabulary:

  • DPP or DPČ worker = a person employed on a part-time
  • OSVČ = a self-employed person

Important links

  • You can read about how to become self-employed in our Guide.

Working as a part-timer, with a DPP (or DPČ) agreement, resembles more closely what you know as the standard employee-employer relationship, with similar rights and legal protections awarded to you as to an employee. As a self-employed, with a živnostenský list and invoices, you have more freedom with which to carry out your tasks, but you lose the protection of an employee as seen by the law (no minimum wage or vacation time guaranteed; insurance and social security payments fully on you, etc)

Katka warns against working in an environment where you, in fact, have the position of an employee (you are following orders of a superior, you work shifts planned by your superior, you work with the company’s laptop, etc), but you are self-employed and thus don’t have the rights of a true employee. This is called a Švarcsystém in the CR, and it is illegal.

Thank you, Katka, for joining us. You can reach her through her website hwlegal.cz/en or through email hajkova@hwlegal.cz.


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