State subsidies in 2024

How much is the parental benefit in 2024? And the unemployement benefit?

Almost every January, the government revisits the financial aid the state provides, and makes changes that reflect the economic and social development. For 2024, there have been several updates concerning internationals as well. The good news is that they mostly work in your favour.

Here are the updated subsidies and their explanation:

Parental Benefit

Parental benefit (rodičovský příspěvek) is the most important social benefit available through the State Social Support. It’s an important contribution for parents, available for both the mother and the father. So far, it was a rule that the maximum amount allocated to it was 300 000 CZK for one child/450 000 CZK for twins (triplets,…). But now:

The new amount is 350 000 CZK for one child and 525 000 CZK for twins (triplets,…). It will again be paid in monthly instalments based on one of the parents’ income (or on the state-guaranteed minimum amount of 13 000 CZK if neither of the parents can have their daily basis established, since they were unemployed before giving birth).

However, there are two drawbacks. First, this change only applies to children born on 1 January 2024 and later. Parents of kids born in the year 2023 or earlier can apply only for the original sum (= 300 000 CZK for one child).

Secondly, this sum will have to be collected till the baby turns three years of age. You can no longer collect it on the fourth year of age of your child. Parents of kids born in the year 2023 or earlier are allowed to collect this benefit till the baby turns four though.

Read more about parental benefit in our guide.

Unemployment Benefit

Unemployment benefit is a state subsidy guaranteed to both Czech and foreign nationals who were employed or self-employed in the Czech Republic (or EU countries) for a required period of time (at least 12 months), and are either EU nationals, their spouses, or they have permanent residence permit. The financial support paid to the unemployed is between 45% to 65% of their previous salary for a period of time between 5-11 months (depending on age and legal cause of leaving the last job).

The first update is that the maximum monthly support has been increased, to 24 608 CZK. This limit applies even if the calculated 45% from your former salary would be a higher number.

The second update is that you no longer have to wait for all the months covered by your severance pay to receive this subsidy. The unemployment benefit is going to be paid straight away once you are found eligible by the Labour office.

The last update is that the waiting period between repeated applications has been prolonged. If you had already been registered as unemployed, then found a new job, but then lost it and want to register again, you will now have to have worked for at least 9 months in the given second job to be allowed to re-apply (5 months, if you have not used the subsidy in full last time).

Read more about unemployment benefit in our guide.

How to apply

You apply for both subsidies at the Labour office. You can read how to do that in our guides on parental benefit and the unemployment benefit.

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