The new 5,000 family benefit - how it works

As inflation pushes the prices of all possible goods to record-breaking highs, the Czech government decided to help people who are in the greatest danger of suffering from a reduced quality of life. Families are included in this targeted help as the rising prices present additional challenge to an already tight family budget.

Every family whose total yearly net income does not exceed 1,000,000 CZK will be eligible for a one-off benefit, worth 5,000 CZK per every child. This benefit is intended also for foreigners working in the Czech Republic. Read how to apply.

What type of residency is needed

For EU foreigners, it is enough to declare that parents are economically active, there is no need for having any residence permit. In case of people coming outside of the EU, it is necessary for the child to have a permanent residence permit or a long-term residence permit for the purpose of the reunification of a family, parents need either a permanent residence permit or any form of a long-term residence permit (employee card, blue card, studies, etc.).

How to apply

If you are eligible and collecting the child benefit, this one-off benefit will be automatically added to it.

In other cases, to successfully apply for this benefit, you will be asked to present:

  1. A) EU: Child’s travel document,
    B) NonEU: Child’s travel document and residence card
  2. A) EU: Parent’s travel document and employment contract or trade license
    B) NonEU: Parent’s travel document and residence card
  3. Contact information, email and phone number at best,
  4. The address of the child and the parent with whom the child is living,
  5. Bank account number,
  6. A sworn statement regarding the sum of the family’s decisive income in 2021 (výše rozhodného příjmu v roce 2021). Please note that you do not need any specific document confirmed by the notary. You’ll just cross a box in the application form. It’s the job of the clerk to check that your yearly income was, indeed, below 1 000 000 CZK
  7. If the parent is self-employed as the main objective of their economic activity, a proclamation of such fact.

IMPORTANT: you need to give the office the permission to check your income when you’re filling up the application form (both in person and digitally). When you’re doing it, put a cross on Dávám souhlas ke kontrole mých příjmů.

Apply digitally

As the current government is trying to move the administration into a digital age, it has been announced that the preferred way of applying is via applicants’ online app – a part of the national social security information system. Therefore, starting in the 15th of August, people are supposed to scan all the necessary documents and send them to the government digitally via JENDA portal. The applicants will have to sign in through e-identita, though, to prove their identity.

If you don’t have an account on that portal yet, it will also be possible to apply for the benefit at local CzechPOINTs (regional/municipality offices, registry offices) and, starting on 1 October 2022, at post offices as well. 

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