The waste collection fee 2020 postponed to August

If you stay in Brno for longer than 3 months, you have to pay the waste collection fee.

It’s a yearly fee and normally, it needs to be paid by 31 May. Due to the pandemic, the Municipality postponed the deadline to 31 August. You can either pay now, or make a note for August to come back to this article.

Paying can be done online, and it’s a two-step process: firstly, you have to register as a new resident (if this is your first year in Brno), and then pay.

We recommend using the online system BrnoID for both steps.  It’s a useful site for communicating with the Brno Municipality and it’s also English-friendly – it’ll be good to get familiar with it. However, you can also transfer the fee or pay in cash in person.

The waste collection fee is set to 670 CZK per person, with the exception of children up to 3 years of age (cannot reach 4 in 2020)  and seniors over 70 years of age. If you arrive later in the year, you can deduct approximately 56 CZK for each month you hadn’t lived here.


Picture by Isaac Taylor from Pexels.

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