General info

Waste tax

All foreign citizens who intend to stay in Brno for longer than 3 months have the responsibility to pay the “waste tax” in the same amount as Czech citizens.

The responsibility to pay the fee is placed on individual residents, not landlords or property owners. If utilities are included in your rent, ask your landlord if he or she has also paid the waste tax (it is not usual, though). If not, please follow the easy instructions below.

The fee (670,- per person per year) is paid once a year by May 31.

If you arrive later in a year than that (after May), you are obliged to pay within 15 days after your arrival.

The municipality has announced the regulation in several languages, including English here (.docx).

How to pay

Paying can be done online and it is a two-step process:

Step one: Register

New residents register to the Environmental Department.  You can do so online through the BrnoID system, clicking on ‘Waste Tax’.  It’s a useful site and English-friendly. Among other things, it allows you to prepay a šalinkarta (ie. public transport) online.

You create an account (you need only to fill in an e-mail and set a password) and submit a form for reporting the stay of foreigners, including your family members.

  • Residents already registered in previous years don’t have to register again – skip this step and proceed to the second step – the payment.
  • If you are unsure whether you have registered yourself in the past, you can check by calling +420 542 174 307 or +420 542 174 310 or by email at They will be able to look up your details in the registry or cross-check with the Foreign Police registry.

Step two: Pay

Once registered, you can pay:

  • A) through the BrnoID eshop; or
  • B) by transfer to the bank account number 111220022/0800. As the payment’s identification symbol (variabilní symbol), use your identification number (issued by the Czech Immigration office as rodné číslo) or your date of birth (in the format ddmmyyyy); or
  • C) in cash on Šumavská 33, building A, 9th floor. (not recommended)

The waste collection fee is set to 670 CZK in 2021.

With the exception of children up to 3 years of age (cannot reach 4 in 2021)  and seniors over 70 years of age (have to reach 70 in 2021) – they don’t pay.

If you arrive later in the year, you can deduct approximately 56 CZK for each month you hadn’t lived here.

Moving addresses?

Although the Brno waste collection fee is paid per person (and thus not connected with one particular address in Brno), in case of foreigners it is advised to announce the change of address.

It can be easily done by sending an email (English will do) containing your new address to

De-register when leaving (!)

When you finish your stay in Brno, remember to de-register. Fill in a form reporting the end of the stay of foreigners within 15 days of your departure.


Is my landlord paying the waste collection fee for me?

  • Your landlord doesn’t have the responsibility to do so. However, some landlords (a minority), do so. Always ask them.

What if I arrived later in the year?

  • Pay the appropriate share for the months you are staying, i.e. 670 CZK divided by 12 multiplied by number of months remaining after the month when the obligation arose. You must register and pay the fee within 15 days after the date of commencement or before the end of May.

What if I haven’t paid last year and now I would like to repay?

  • In case you already owe for previous year(s), you should add the appropriate sum to the current payment. You can pay it all at once to the same account with the same identification number.

I will be moving out before the end of the year. Can I pay less?

  • Generally, you are obliged to pay the full year in advance and before moving out you can claim money back for the remaining months. However, if you sent a hard copy of the registration form with the final date of your stay written in and wired proportional amount, that would be accepted. This is not possible through the online form, though.

Do I have to de-register when leaving Brno or not staying in the following year?

  • Yes. Otherwise, you would be expected to pay onward and your debt would be rising.

How do I de-register / check out?

We are living together with roommates. Do we have to pay for each one of us?

  • Yes, the fee is for each individual.

There are five of us in our family. How many people do I need to register and pay for?

  • Children up to and including the age of 3 and people over 70 do not pay.  The third and subsequent child under 15 years of age or under 26 when studying is not subject to the waste collection fee.

I am moving out but somebody is taking my room. Can I let the fee stand or do we have to cancel one and register the other?

  • You should have your money for the rest of the year reimbursed and the new tenant should register.

What if I don’t pay?

  • You will be required to pay a fine up to three times the yearly fee; failure to pay can be enforced by the seizure of your property.


As of now, recycling is not compulsory in Brno but it’s very much encouraged by the local authorities.

To find out where your waste should go, use this simple app – it’ll show you the closest spot on the map.

Or read this list of things to sort from your waste, and where to put them:

  • glass, paper and plastic – probably the easiest thing to recycle in Brno. You must have noticed the green and white bins (for coloured and clear glass), blue (for paper) and yellow / wire (for plastic) at the end of nearly every road. See the map here. Also in some supermarkets, such as Kaufland, you can take your returnable brown bottles back and get vouchers to use in the shop. The paper bins also take cardboard of any colour, and the yellow ones take plastic bags and aluminium drinks cans as well as plastic lined juice cartons (Tetra Pak);
  • clothes – less frequently you will find white bins marked textil. Alternatively, you can donate clothes, toys, and other useful things you no longer need to charity shops. These are quite rare in Brno, but Veronica have four such shops that also accept accessories, jewellery, ceramics and porcelain, books, and toys;
  • batteries / lightbulbs / electronics – at some supermarkets, you can recycle all of these and more. There are also special containers for electronics that can be found in many areas;
  • bulky waste – such as furniture, fridges and cut tree branches go to waste collection centres;
  • old pharmaceuticals – you can take these to any pharmacy (lékárna) to be disposed of;
  • cans – for those of you, like me, who find it odd not separating the cans out for recycling, be reassured. The waste that gets taken away by Sako is burnt and used for energy, then any metals are separated from the burnt waste (slag) and reused in the building industry;
  • kitchen and garden waste – the city has introduced brown bins for organic waste. See the map here for “bioodpad”. What you can or cennot throw in is explained in this article from Brno Daily. You  If you have a lot of garden or kitchen waste (vegetable matter only) you can take it to one of Sako’s waste collection centres. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then a compost heap is your answer.  Be aware not everything can go into your compost, as a small one will not reach temperatures that kill certain bacteria, so stick to vegetable matter.

Useful links

  • Map of bins and recycling centers in Brno
  • Waste sorting in Brno – a comprehensive list of things to sort from your waste in English
  • Ekomap – a map showing where to find organic food, ekoflorists, waste collection centres, environmental organisations, nature walks and more.
  • Download the mobile application SAKO (available for iOS, Google Play) – this app will help you find the closest paper/plastic/glass disposal containers. If you see them overflowing, the app asks you to take a picture and send it over: they’ll come and empty it ahead of their normal schedule.
  • Trash Hero Brno – non-profit organising regular clean-up hauls