Introducing a new guide: Tax Domicile

With the new year come old tax responsibilities.

Usually, your employer does the tax return for you or you can do it by yourself or with the help of a tax advisor. But what do you need to do if your employer requests Czech “tax domicile” from you? Or if your home country wants to tax you, as well? To avoid double taxation you can apply for a tax domicile at your tax office. This document proves that you are a tax resident in the Czech Republic and the CR is the place where you should be paying your taxes, and where you also take advantage of tax allowances and reliefs.

We prepared a new guide with detailed information to obtaining a tax domicile. You can learn how to determine the tax residency for the relevant period of time. The guide then walks you through the process of applying for a tax domicile, including where to go, which type you need, and the appropriate documents required.

Should you need more information, you can visit the guide here.

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