BEC enters 7th season of supporting expats

We kicked off a new season 2016-2017 on the banks of the Svratka River at the Riviera Traffic Education Park this September
Ideas were exchanged with representatives of the municipality, institutions related to the international development of the city, as well as creative foreigners who live and work in Brno. It was our pleasure to welcome two new partners – and Madfingers.
Our ambition for the upcoming years is not only helping highly skilled foreigners and their families, but also being one of the key local players in the Brno international development. That is why we are going to be more involved in the talent attraction initiative that wishes to bring more experts and entrepreneurs.
We also intend to set up a group of foreigners working as “Brno ambassadors” helping to promote the city in their home countries and perhaps do some economic diplomacy as well. If you feel like becoming an ambassador or want to recommend a friend, please contact us.
We are not the only expat centre in Europe. We have set up a group of European expat centers or international houses from Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Wageningen, and Vienna to start with an online discussion forum for sharing best practices and exchanging contacts.
Newly we provide a complete relocation of foreign employees – helping with visas, accommodation, arrival, schools for children, and paid or volunteer work for the spouses.
Since 2010 BEC consultants have managed 3500 consultation and assistance inquiries from over 1500 clients from 90 countries, mostly USA, UK, Romania, Russia, France, and Italy. We have also organized about 100 events. Our monthly newsletter goes to 3600 people at the moment.
Have a look at a photo album from this year’s season opening or watch a 100-second video overview



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