Entering the 8th Season of Supporting Expats

After sailing on the boat to the Veveří Castle in 2012, gathering at the Planetarium terrace, at the Governor’s Palace, Museum of Applied Arts and on the banks of the Svratka River at the Riviera Traffic Education Park in previous years, we kicked off a new season 2017-18 at the beautiful Villa Stiassni this September.
Attendees could talk to the representatives of the municipality, international companies, public institutions, as well as creative foreigners who live and work in Brno. We introduced two new partners – Atlas Copco and Deutsche Telekom. Nowadays BEC is not only helping highly skilled foreigners and their families but also becoming one of the key local players in Brno international development.
The participants stayed in conversations over a glass of wine while listening or dancing to the Django Jet swing band, watching chic suits, ties and blazers within the show of men’s fashion by Cavalier, or enjoyed a walk through the large villa garden.
Thanks to BEC, the city of Brno has received the fDi Strategy Award (a part of Financial Times) in the category of „Expat support“. Within the last 3 years, our consultants have managed over 3,000 consultations from about 2,000 clients and 90 countries. The most frequent inquiries deal with residence permits, housing, employment, healthcare and education.
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