Brno Expats Have Talent: Carl (Ghana) - a photographer

Welcome to another episode from our Brno Expats Have Talent series. Brno is full of talented people, and some of them are not from the CR – we’re introducing one talented expat at a time!

Photographer Carl captured our interest thanks to his photo series focused on the Humans of Brno. Do check it out!

My page shares stories of locals and immigrants alike. Their experiences, interests, stereotypes, basically their world’s view on a variety of issues. A cosmopolitan page, I say.

Carl Tetteh Nartey from Ghana – photographer

How long have you been taking photos? 

I’ve been doing photography for close to 5 years, and for most of 2020, it was a full-time hobby, quite lucrative I must say because it has become my main source of income even though it was a hobby. 

How do you find living in Brno as an expat?

Brno has been amazing, the cultural diversity and integration, I wasn’t expecting it but I love it. In most parts of Europe, you hardly get to interact easily with locals like in Brno, where most people are helpful and very polite. 

How different is the audience in the CR compared to your home country?

The audience here in Brno seems no different. Before creating @humansofbrno I considered the audience and tailored the content to who I was looking forward to working with.

Where do you find inspiration?

The whole city looks like a canvas, every time I walk around with a camera, the urge to paint gets stronger. The only limitation is time, not enough of it to do everything you wish to.

Where next? 

I’m intrigued by the landscape of South Moravia, and the Bohemian region as well, I would like to explore these areas with landscape photography. Hopefully this year I make time and do just that. 

Where can expats find you in Brno nowadays?

Insta @humansofbrno is the best place to find me. My page is still under construction but is live. It should see some changes this year as well.

Photos courtesy of Carl. 


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