VideoTalk: Expats interview expats. Meet Alberto, a sculptor

In Čech is a new expat initiative, consisting of a team of 3: Carlos (Peru, a photographer), Olena (Ukraine, an artist) and Anastazie (Ukraine, a videographer). They joined their talents to introduce a diverse range of Brno-based personalities – from creatives, scientists, to business people – through a series of video talks and photo reports.

“We are here, but we’re not from here. Some of us just for bit, others their whole lives. Join us on this adventure to discover the great people around us and why they are here.”

For their pilot, they chose to introduce Alberto Gedeon, a Peruvian sculptor living and working in Brno with his family. Select whether you want to watch with English or Czech subtitles:

“Alberto welcomed us in his workshop outside the centre,” Carlos said. “The whirring dust from the statues he’s been working at immediately settled on us, too. My father was also a sculptor, so I knew that if you go into a workshop like this, you’ll get dirty.

“He talks in Spanish with me, some words in Italian with Anastasiia and others in Czech with Olena. He tells us that lately, he’s been working a lot on gravestones. The stones are imported from India, very hard, he said. All of us silently wonder if this demand is related to the current pandemic but none comment on it.”

Here’s a sample of the pictures Carlos took in Alberto’s studio. For more, visit the original article at

“Painting is to add while sculpture is to remove.”

“Drawing and anatomy are the two most important things for a sculptor. If you don’t master painting, you can’t paint, you can’t draw, you can’t sculpt.”



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