Lullabies from the World: an album made with Brno expats

Do you remember what your mom (or your dad) would sing to make you fall asleep? Then teach Aude your favourite lullaby!

Her project, Lullabies from the World, won our “Expats for Brno” 2020 grant. Brno has been named a UNESCO City of Culture for Music. We’re excited to help Aude create this collaborative album to substantiate this reputation further!

Aude Stulírová Martin is a French artist based in Brno since 2011. You may know her thanks to her band Šarivary, her theatre Le Cabaret Nomade or the festival Bonjour Brno that she helps to organise. This time, she has a solo project, but she won’t make it without you.

What’s the project?

Aude plans to record an album of lullabies from the world. She wants children to be transported and fall asleep in Burkina Faso or in Mongolia, she wants them to dream in Portuguese or in Finnish, to relax with the sound of balalaïka or the mbira. She hopes parents will also enjoy her music, and she wishes listeners will find a balm for their hearts.

How can I help?

You can teach her your favourite lullaby. The one you fell asleep to when you were a child, the one you now sing to your children.

Don’t worry,  you can give her the song in private, you won’t have to sing in public. You only have to teach her the melody and help her with the lyrics and your language (pronunciation, accent, etc)

What will be the result?

After working on the songs and arrangement and recording, there will be a digital album available on the internet (also freely accessible), and a booklet with illustrations and the stories behind the lyrics.

You’ll be given the appropriate credit: your name will feature on the booklet.

If you want to help, please get in touch with Aude. Just write her a short line to – before 8 March.



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