Watch our latest webinar: Don's Armchair Walk about Napoleon's Brno

Two great military events are associated with Brno – the Swedish siege in 1645 and the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805. Back in May, we devoted a webinar to the 375th anniversary of the siege, and December was the time to turn to the Battle of Austerlitz, as 2 Dec marked its 215th anniversary.

Normally, Don would take us through the streets of Brno for a guided walk to share the story behind Napoleon’s time in Brno. However, the situation is what it is this winter, and we chose to stay at home and record Don from his armchair.

Furthermore, the places involved are widely scattered around Brno as well as on the battlefield itself, which lies about 12 kilometres or so southeast of the city centre between the villages of Tvarožná and Prace. It would be a very long walk.

The webinar starts by looking at why Napoleon was here at all and where he stayed and what he did when he was here. Then, of course, comes the Battle of Austerlitz (the Germanised name for Slavkov u Brna)  itself and its aftermath, and – perhaps a surprise for many, locals included – Napoleon’s re-appearance in Brno four years later.

And finally, you’ll learn how over the years the story of his presence in Brno and the surroundings has played out in many ways and in many places: plaques, graves, family names, an obelisk, a column, a railway station, a pyramid, re-enactments and, most recently, parades and balls.

Watch the recording (for free) at or just play the video below.

Download the slides with pictures here.


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