Quick news from the Immigration office: no further copying

At the start of the year, the Immigration office announced that they will no longer make copies of your documents.

In the past, the clerks would check the original you brought and made a copy themselves – supervising the process and thus verifying an “authorized” copy.

However, as they cannot make copies on the spot anymore, you’ll have to give them the originals (or notarised copies, if you need to keep the original).

We’ve been hearing from expats that the clerks had accepted a simple (not notarised) copy even now, in 2020. It can certainly happen that you can meet a very helpful clerk (they do exist)  who’s willing to check that your copy indeed fits the original.

But you can also end up talking to the exact opposite.

So, the message is clear: bring notarised copies or originals that you can hand over.


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