Introducing a new guide: Volunteering in Brno

Many believe that there is no better way of meeting new people and starting to feel at ease in a new country than getting actively involved in the local community. Rolling one’s sleeves up and putting their skills, talent, and experience to a good use where needed as a volunteer can definitely be a great way to go.

What is more, you usually gain a lot alongside: you get to know better the locals and their culture, you face new challenges and gain experience, you start to care and feel like you truly belong. Does that sound like something you or your family members might be into?

Our new guide on volunteering in Brno contains a list of activities ranging from editing, administrative help, and language teaching to event organizing, becoming a buddy for newcomers or manual help and supervised assistance to those in need.

All of the listed volunteering opportunities are available for non-Czech speakers and will allow you to get involved in locally based or engaged organisations.

We are constantly working on enlarging the list of volunteering opportunities for non-Czech-speaking expats living in Brno. Help us look! At we will love to hear about interesting expat-friendly volunteering activities and projects you have come across or started yourself.

Read more about volunteering in our guide.


Q&As, contact details, opening hours and more:
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