No need for paper tickets: travel easily with your card

Maybe you’ve noticed the new yellow machines in trams/buses: they now support card payments.

The system promises to be really simple. Get on, check in with your card and go.

You can check out if your journey’s under 15 minutes, so you get charged only for a short-time ticket (20 CZK). If you don’t check out, you’ll get charged for a basic transferable ticket for 25 CZK, which is valid for 60 minutes and you can make multiple journeys within that time.

If you travel many times on the same days, the system will charge you the optimal fare for all your journeys, but never more than the value of a 24-hour ticket for 90 CZK.

You can use contactless cards, or smartphones and smartwatches using GooglePay and ApplePay, just like any other contactless terminal.

You can also buy tickets for co-riders, your dog, a bike, etc. Read more on the very English-friendly webpage


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