Parents: Registrations for summer camps have started!

Although summer might still feel too far away, the time to start thinking about your children’s summer holiday programme is NOW.

And I don’t mean whether you’ll eat ice cream or build sandcastles with them while on your family vacation. It’s about the time when you’ll be at your office (or home), working, while they won’t have school or kindergarten to go to. Fortunately, they don’t have to be stuck at home with you, Brno offers many opportunities to have fun outside the home, be it in the city or a bit further away, surrounded by nature and friends.

In short: the registrations for this year’s holiday city camps and summer camps have started!

Several well-established Brno leisure organisations have already started advertising their summer programme or are preparing to. (See an impressive table below, prepared by Lužánky, which includes the languages spoken by the camp leaders.)

With the hope that the covid situation will be better by the summer and camps will take place just as they ultimately did last year, it is well worth checking out the possibilities, depending on your child’s favourite pastimes, the time period you need and whether you’d like them to come home every day or leave for a whole week or two. 

For detailed insight and links to many other organisations, check out our previous article on summer camps and why they are a great way for your kids to connect with friends, nature and themselves. 


Lužánky camps suitable for expat children in 2021

Download PDF with working links.


Summer camps organised by Lipka Environmental Education Centre

(in Czech, but leaders can also speak English)

Lipová (Brno – Pisárky) 

 Jezírko (Brno – Soběšice)

Their camps away:

Their city camps:

  • Among the Poles, 19.7.2021–23.7.2021,
    • Jezírko, Brno-Soběšice
    • natural science, sports, 7 – 11 years, 2 500 Kč;
    • to register, contact Roman Maxa,
  • Eclipse, 9.8.2021–13.8.2021,
    • Jezírko, Brno-Soběšice,
    • natural science, sports, 7 – 11 years, 2 500 Kč;
    • to register, contact Roman Maxa,

Rozmarýnek (Brno – Jundrov)

  • Little gourmets, 16.– 20. 8. 2021
    • cooking, CITY CAMP with English,
    • 8–10 years, 2 700 Kč
    • to register, contact Ivana Plíšková,
    • Especially selected dishes should be prepared for little gourmets. We will therefore try different cooking methods, even outdoors. We will also work and play in the garden. All spiced up with a pinch of English. The camp will include a day-trip and the possibility of caring for the animal inhabitants of Rozmarýnek in-between.

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