Hard Brexit - err on the side of caution

March 2019 has come.

And the message from the British Embassy (and the Czech government) is clear: get your residency sorted. Now.

Yes, the Czech Senate just passed a bill that institutes an ‘intermediate period’ until the end of 2020 during which British nationals will retain the same rights as EU citizens. (source: radio.cz). However, that applies only to those with a residency document.

Which means you need to get this sorted ASAP if you don’t have one yet: either get a temporary residency certificate or permanent residency permit. It’s enough to start the process (hand in your application form) before the 29th of March. It doesn’t need to be finalised.

The process is completely free. You can even send the application by post (our recommendation: send it by registered mail, the date when you post it counts. However,  don’t leave it until the very last day!)

You can download the form here: mvcr.cz

And you can send it to this address:

Ministerstvo Vnitra
Odbor azylové a migrační politiky
Oddělení pobytu cizinců Jihomoravský kraj
Tuřanka 1554/115b
627 00 Brno-Slatina

If you are planning to visit in person, you can find the opening hours and how to get to the Immigration office here.


The temporary residency certificate or permanent residency permit are easily-obtained proofs that you will have stayed in the Czech Republic before March 2019. Without proof of your residency, you will get into the same regime as third-country citizens in case of hard Brexit. And your life will become complicated.

Find out more about the process of application and the list of documents needed in our guide on Residence permits.

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