Get ready for Brexit

If you are British, you’ve probably been following the Brexit negotiations more closely than any of us in the Brno Expat Centre. We can offer our expertise when it comes to getting your paperwork ready, though.

No matter how unlikely or likely a no-deal exit appears right now (or what the content of such a deal would be), both the British and the Czech governments agree that it’s a good idea to get your residence card sorted before the transition period ends, or even better before March 2019.

Right now, you are not obliged to have a residency card issued – as an EU citizen, it is an option that you can make but you are not required to. However, the Czech government recommends doing so in order to prevent administrative difficulties in the future.

The temporary residence card is an easily-obtained proof that you will have stayed in the Czech Republic before March 2019. Without the card, it will be significantly more difficult to prove the same after Brexit goes through.

Obtaining one’s card is a simple thing and it is for free. All it takes is two visits to the Immigration office or even better, an application form sent by post first.

  • Tuřanka 1554/115b, 627 00 Brno-Slatina
  • Appointments may be scheduled at +420 543 213 313 or 543 214 316
  • Official website

They can be very busy. It is recommended to make an appointment in advance – by calling +420 543 214 316 or by an online system. Unfortunately, to use the online system you need to fill in the number of your residency card. Tricky to do if you don’t have one. As such, calling for an appointment is the only option. Be prepare to speak Czech to them (ask a Czech friend to do so for you if you feel unsure). The other option is to visit without booking an appointment. Take a book. You will be waiting for some time.

You should manage with only a few Czech phrases as long as you have the needed paperwork in order. The clerk will know what to do from there.

Find out the list of documents to take with you in our guide on Residence permits.

The card gets issued in three to four weeks time.

Furthermore, the Czech Ministry of Interior recommends applying for a permanent residency card if you’ve stayed in the CR for more than five years. You can learn more about the process in our guide on Residence permits.

They promise to keep us informed – you can read their announcements here (most of them are only in Czech).

Right now, there’s still no way of knowing what the exact terms of stay will be after March 2019 (or 2020). Either way, having the card to prove the length of your stay won’t certainly hurt matters. Have it sorted before the Immigration Office gets swamped with your countrymen.


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