Want to feel more local? Have some soup

Taking a walk through Brno, stopping at interesting places and snacking on delicacies is not time badly spent. Now you can do it every Friday with a group of similar-minded people. That is the idea behind Feel Local Tours.
Feel Local is a new initiative introduced by two friends Jan Toloch and Jan Víšek that strives to give foreigners and visitors a chance to experience Brno like natives. Through stomachs, that is. Feel Local gastro-tours take people to cafes, restaurants, pubs and food shops that are popular and close to the city centre, but somewhat hidden and unique.
“We both like to travel and discover authentic places. We also like meeting foreigners who visit Brno,” says Mr Toloch about the origin of the idea.
Don’t be mistaken, though. Czechs will benefit from the gastro-tours as well. I for one was born and raised in Brno, yet on the tour I was introduced to places I had never been to and taught facts I had not know about my hometown.
Not to reveal Feel Local’s know-how (or
rather know-where), let’s just say each gastro-tour stops at seven different places. Participants get to taste, for example, real Turkish coffee, Czech baked pastries, vegetarian spreads, pickled tofu, cheese balls, sausages, and some soup – all of which is housemade. And there are beer and wine stops too, of course.
It was a nice afternoon spent chatting with some Canadian and Polish students, the guides were friendly too and with good English. If you feel like giving Feel Local Tour a try, be prepared to spare three hours of your time and 450 CZK. The cost may seem steep but you actually get a decent amount of nice food and beverages for your money.
You can apply through this Facebook page.  The group is always booked for 10 people at most.

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