BBQ and drink legally in public places

Updated July 2023

The Public Greenery of the City of Brno installed electric grills across the city park – one in Lužánky, the other on the Špilberk castle. Find their locations on this map.

It is necessary to book a space – you can do so online here. The electric grill will be turned on and off by the operator from a distance.

There are also four public BBQs at the Brno lake – at Rokle, Kozí horka and Pod Dymou and at Sokolské koupaliště.

You can also take your own grill outside. However, the parks managed by the Public Greenery, i.e. Špilberk, Denisovy sady (below the Petrov cathedral), Wilsonův les (in Žabovřesky), Koliště (behind The Brno House fo Arts), Tyršův sad (nearby Kino Art), and Lužánky are off limits.

Or just grill on your balcony or terrace, as long as you don’t bother the neighbours with smoke or noise.

Fancy a drink with your BBQ?

People over 18 years-old can drink in public, except for certain areas of the city – those are all parks and public places stated here, plus sports fields, 50 metres around playgrounds and sandpits, schools, cemeteries and churches and medical institutions, public transport stops, and 100 metres away from shops and shopping centres. But even at those places it is legal to drink alcohol on December 31 and January 1, as well as at times of celebrations and festivals. The City of Brno has launched this regulation in 2010 to reduce alcohol-related anti-social behaviour.

Don’t worry when having a glass of wine at a picnic in the park, though. Policemen assess each situation individually. “When you behave decently and don’t bother anyone, you will be alright. Otherwise, you can get a fine up to 1000 CZK,” said Jakub Ghanem from the Brno Metropolitan Police.

With food and drinks you need to be careful on public transport, too. Unpackaged food and open containers with drinks are banned on trams, buses and trolleybuses by the Brno Public Transport Company (DPMB). Nonetheless, it has a policy in place that allows to eat and drink on boats on the Brno lake. There is just no smoking or jumping into the water.



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