Moving into a new flat: The importance of documenting everything

You might get lucky and have a truly fair and kind landlord who would understand that wear & tear is a natural occurrence when a tenant occupies a space, who would never try to charge you for damages, and who would have a perfect memory as to which damages were already done to their flat before you moved in.

But let’s prepare for the eventuality that you won’t be that lucky? After all, when you’re moving into a new place, you rarely know your landlord enough to guess at their character.

Signing a handover protocol that properly documents the state of the flat in the moment when keys change hands, is your best protection against possible future disputes.

It’s also a protection for the landlord, so they should only be glad if you insist on filling out the protocol properly.

We put together a template of a handover protocol in Czech, with English instructions. If your landlord comes with their own document, compare it to one we provided – the contents should be similar.

If your landlord doesn’t provide their own document, it’s up to you to print two copies and bring them to the flat when you move in and receive your keys. Fill it out properly – all the numbers on the gauges (=water, gas, electricity meters), all the imperfections to the flat and the equipment that you find. Take pictures – we recommend you send them to the landlord by email, and then print that email. Thus, you have proof the pictures were taken and sent on the day you moved in.

Handover protocol protects your security deposit

When you’re moving out of the flat, it will be this document that will prove that damages to the flat were there before you. The landlord cannot then ask you for reparations, or deduct the cost of repairs from your deposit.

Read more tips about renting a flat in Brno in our guide, Renting a flat – rights and obligations.


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