Municipal elections 2022: Choose your city government

Every four years, residents across the CR vote for new representatives at their local town halls, resulting in new mayors, too.

Brno and its municipal council is no exception. This year, the elections take place on Friday and Saturday,  23-24 September, and foreigners can vote, too. Unfortunately, only EU citizens, though.

Citizens of EU member states, and EEA,  have the right to vote in the municipal elections at the place of their residency. They can also run for a seat.

To vote in Brno, you need to be:

  1. EU or EEA citizen,
  2. older than 18,
  3. and registered for permanent or temporary residence status in Brno (=you need to have either the Registration Certificate for EU citizens or the Permanent Residence card).

Voting for the first time?

If so, you need to first register to the electoral roll at your city district. It’s simple – you only need to hand in an application form before 21 September (4 pm).

  1. Fill out the application form. Download it here.
  2. Deliver it to your local town hall (in Brno there are 29 town halls). Either in person or by post. Find out the address on the list here. For example, if you live in Královo Pole, you’ll have to deliver the form to Brno-Královo Pole Town Hall, at the address Palackého tř. 59.

(Btw, if you have a datová schránka, a verified email box, you can also send the application electronically.)

The same office will let you know where the polling station is and will issue ballot papers to you. Or, you can pick them up at the polling station on election day.

A note for those EU citizens who still haven’t had their temporary residence card issued: it takes the Immigration Office about a month to do so. If you want to make sure you are eligible to vote in time for the elections (23 September), visit the MOI office immediately.

Voting again?

If you haven’t moved addresses since the last municipal elections, you can go vote right away on the electoral day. You’re still registered on the electoral roll.

If you have moved your residence, you have to register again at your new local town hall.

Election day: 23-24 September

Save the date and show up at the polling station of your city district. Bring a valid ID document with you.

You can cast your vote with the ballot papers you received whilst registering, or they hand you the papers on the spot.


The official information from the Ministry of Interior is available here.


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