Local taxes: have you paid this year?

There are several local taxes that accompany your life in Brno. One of them is compulsory for every resident (age 3 to 69), and that is the waste collection fee. Others depend on whether you own a dog, TV or a radio. 

If you stay in Brno for longer than 3 months, you have to pay waste tax. It’s set to 670 CZK a year per person, with the exception of children up to 3 years of age (cannot reach 4 in 2022)  and seniors over 70 years of age. The deadline was 31 May. If you haven’t paid in 2022 yet, do so as quickly as possible – you can easily get it sorted all online, through the city’s eshop, at BrnoID.

Do you have a dog?

All foreigners have to register and pay a yearly fee if they stay in Brno for longer than 90 days and own a dog.

Every city district has a different set of rules when it comes to collecting the local fee. The specific rules applied to you depend on the city district you live in. Usually, the municipalities require you to register your dog within 15 days after getting the dog (or once the dog is older than 3 months). You then receive a dog tag for this year. Your dog should wear it on their collar every time you go outside, as the police randomly check for this tag. Check the website of your district for more information. 

Do you have a TV or a radio?

Just the fact that you own a TV which can receive a TV signal is a ground for the TV licence fee, no matter that you only watch foreign channels. The fees go towards funding Czech TV (Česká Televize, including local Brno News CTV) and Czech Radio (Český Rozhlas; including national broadcasting and news in English), the country’s public broadcasting services, which both run multiple stations and channels. To preserve their independence, almost all of the funding for Czech Television and Czech Radio comes from the licence fees, which apply to any household in the country with devices capable of receiving them. 


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