English Classes for Ukrainian refugees

To contribute to the common effort, BEC decided to support those who have fled Ukraine and settled in Brno in improving their situation in the local labour market and at the same time also help our Partner companies in seeking out qualified and educated staff. Therefore we are launching classes of English so that Ukrainians coming to Brno may practice their English some more and bring it to a higher level, suitable for the day-to-day work in the multinational companies based in Brno which have English as their main communication language. (Read our guide Getting a job with a list of over 30 international companies which are recruiting now)

The classes will be free of charge and are intended for people with Intermediate (A2) knowledge of English.

The plan is to have groups focused on the following areas:

  • Business / Workplace English
  • CV / Job interview preparation
  • Conversation class

Please note: The level assessment and subesquent class allocation has already taken place. The groups are already running and new courses will be scheduled perhaps in September again.

If you’re interested in joining a class, please e-mail our coordinator at languages@brnoexpatcentre.eu, tell us what is your language level and what jobs with English are you looking at, and we’ll get back to you if there are still any free places or once the new classes are ready.

We are very grateful to those expats who registered to teach as volunteers and share their time with those in need and to Madri Bučková and Simon Hooper for helping us coordinate the courses. If you’d still like to join the tutors team, let us know at languages@brnoexpatcentre.eu. Thanks!

Q&As, contact details, opening hours and more:
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