How to apply for the new reduced tram pass

Starting January 1, the price for a yearly public transport pass for the zones 100+101 has been reduced to 3,325 CZK for adults who pay for waste collection in Brno. 

You can either have your tram pass tied to your regular credit card or buy a contactless card (69 CZK /  99 CZK) at the main city transport office (Novobranská 18). You need to register online (available in Czech only), upload your picture and pay the yearly fee (4,750 CZK). Everybody pays the full prize and later, if applicable, receives the 30% refund (1,425 Kč).

After filling in the online application you need to have your details verified at the main city transport office  just this once, though, next years this step will be skipped. Then you can log in to your account, click on a green button Podat žádost o dotaci (Apply for the refund) on the homepage and fill in your bank account details. The authorities have up to 180 days to process your request.

The discount does not apply to students / seniors / handicapped people as they already use a discount on their public transport pass.

Should you have any more questions, feel free to contact the city transport office at or call the Environmental Department at 542 174 320 – they do speak English.

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  1. Attila Darázs

    Thank you for the information about the discount.

    I just spent a long and confusing hour in the DPMB main building (Novobranská 18), so here’s what I learned so you don’t have to go though the same.

    First, register on When you enter your name and address, faithfully enter every single diacritic (dots, commas and háčeks) in every field, otherwise they won’t very your account and they won’t tell you what the problem is, just look confused and invite all their friends over to look at your papers.

    Now for the decision about using your credit card or using a new contactless card dedicated to your ešalinkarta:

    – If you have more than one contactless cards in your wallet you have to wrap all but one in aluminium foil to pay without taking out the card. Otherwise you might use the wrong one or the terminals will give you an error saying you have more than one around. Getting a new card will introduce this problem in your life.
    – Using your existing contactless credit card removes one step (and one trip to the DPMB center) from acquiring the ešalinkarta.
    – Your credit card number will be in DPMB’s system, and I’m not absolutely sure about the “banking grade security” of it.
    – It’s easy to see this year’s scam being people pretending to be ticket controllers and taking up to 500 crowns from each credit card in trams with a mobile terminal, but let’s hope I’m not right. A standalone card without money on it will save you from that.

    I opted for buying the extra card. When you enter the building, press a button on the ticketing machine to get a number. It’s in Czech only, so take your pick, maybe the first or last one.

    Wait for your number to show up and ask for a “Travel card”. It’s *not* going to look anything like the ones on, it’s going to be a brown/golden package with “Blesk Penezenka, Cena 125 Kc” written on it. But this is in fact the new contactless card, and despite the cover it costs only 69 Kc. Also it has a huge amount of activation steps written on it (in Czech only again) but I think you can ignore it all and just use the card number to register it as a contactless card in the system.

    Now you can enter that card number in the system and buy your yearly ticket. Only after you bought it will it show you some fields for the refund connected to the waste collection fee. Fill out your bank account details and click some check boxes to complete it.

    Now you can go again to the DPMB main building and get your account verified. I think if you push the last button on the queue machine, and all your accents in your name and address are correct, you can be done with it quickly. Bring your Temporary Residency card (Potrrzeni o prechodnem pobyto na uzemi), they looked at mine to check my the address, but it might not be necessary.

    If something’s not right and you can’t speak Czech, they might send you up to the “second floor”, which is not one, but two floors up. Again, nothing is written in English anywhere. You’re supposed to push on the intercom buttons with a green background until somebody answers and can sort things out for you. They didn’t speak too much English, but was a lot better than downstairs and could actually solve my issues.

    Good luck.


    – Enter your name and address on properly, don’t strip the accents from any letter.
    – DPMB desk clerks call the new contactless card you can buy as “Travel Card” , looks different than on the website and cost 69 kc, despite having “cena 125 kc” on its box.
    – Bring your Temporary Residency Card if you have one when you go to verify your account.
    – If they send you to the “second floor”, it’s two floors up, not one. Press one of the green buttons on the intercom until somebody answers.

  2. Anna Sedláčková (Post author)

    Thanks for this, Attila.

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