Last seats for TEDxBrno event in Reduta on May 11

You may know TEDx from your home cities or the places where you lived before. TEDx events are non-profit multidisciplinary conferences with a unique format bringing together smart, imaginative & communicative people and giving them an opportunity to look beyond professional worlds which they usually live in. No surprise some call them mini-festivals.
This Saturday the TEDx global phenomenon celebrated its 4th birthday. Born from the prestigious TED conferences, it is spreading ideas through local independent organisers. Impressive figures concerning the above mentioned four years include 6417 events organised in 1777 cities of 149 countries as well as 25,800 talks published on YouTube with almost 80 million viewers.
We got the license for Brno in 2010 and this year we are working on our 3rd event that will take place in the Reduta theater again, on Saturday, May 11. Read the profiles of our speakers carefully selected from almost 100 candidates. This year’s topic theme is Responsible Choice.
TEDx_Brno While I am writing this the last 20+ seats are still available for the online registration. But do not panic if you find out it is already closed. There is a number of seats booked for people who will be chosen from an online waiting list that will remain open until mid-April. Foreign nationals living in Brno and registered at the Brno Expat Centre have a special priority.
When registering, do not forget to fill in your own activities (published articles, videos, blog posts etc.), shared ideas and motivation to participate. Our goal is to create as varied an audience  as possible when it comes to areas of expertise, professions, ages, genders, etc. This will allow you to get to know people taking an active role in shaping the city and with creative people who want not only to exchange ideas but also to take part in their implementation.
Do you sometimes feel tired by your professional world? Do you need to freshen up with new ideas and experience? Are you curious about what unites artists, scientists and entrepreneurs? You can make surprising contacts here and perhaps find new solutions to your old problems.
The ticket price of 980 CZK (or 40 euros) incl. VAT comprises access to the entire programme incl. at least 15 live talks, full day refreshments with warm food, simultaneous interpretating, printed booklet and the closing networking with wine tasting. Register by April 8!


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