Shall we dance? Experience the very first Brno Expat Ball on March 1!

Czechs are widely known for their great love of sport, especially all kinds of outdoor activities. High-quality equipment and clothing therefore seem to be one of the essentials in most families. And yet, at the beginning of February – as if transformed by a swing of a magic wand – these head-to-toe-lycra-clad cyclists and skiers suddenly turn into princesses and princes charming. They leave their bikes, helmets and backpacks at home, dress up into suits and ball gowns and join their friends already swirling on a ballroom dancefloor.
Ball SeasonBallroom dancing and ball season have a long tradition not only in the Czech Republic but in the whole of Central Europe.  Dating back to the 19th century when the very first official ball took place in the Viennese Opera, balls represent a beloved winter pastime activity that very few natives  are willing to miss.
Czechs are quite skilled in ballroom dancing as well. It is mainly thanks to the dancing courses held for teenagers at schools (similar to the one offered by the Fenix Dance Centre) teaching them not only the basic steps of both classical and Latino dances but also essentials of gentleman and lady-like behavior.
Being very popular and sought-after, balls in the Czech Republic are organized by all sorts of organizations, schools, universities etc. in cities as well as in villages. From opulent opera balls in Prague and Brno, through annual graduation balls for high-school students, to small dancing venues held by local associations such as Jane Austen in Brno or Scotch Dog , balls represent a true must of the Czech culture.
That is why this year we decided to organize the very first Brno Expat Ball and give you thus the possibility of a first-hand experience. Join us on Saturday, March 1 at 7:30 pm in the cultural center Sýpka in Medlánky, Kytnerova 1 and enjoy live music, dance performances and mini classes as well as a midnight raffle with sensational prizes. Learn more and book your ticket(s) now!


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