Take a photo tour through our past events

This year we have organised 24 events so far (see the full list of seminars, monthly meetings, trips and others) and you can still look forward to two more. The new photos taken by Jakub Jira have been just uploaded onto the Brnopolis photostream at Flickr and you may find there yourself and your friends or colleagues exposed to the magic of light and lens.
Take a look at new Flickr sets (albums) including pictures from the last year and spring. The most recent pictures come from the Housing seminar held in the Planetarium last Monday. You may also find the photos from the BEC early times and in the TEDxBrno 2010 and 2011 conferences (our photo tribute go to David Konečný, Jiří Vondráček and Dušan Šimonovič).
We would certainly appreciate your comments and sharing the content on other social networks. By the way – does anybody recognize this place where the idea of the Brno Expat Centre was originally born?

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