Opening of the BEC season 2013 in retrospect

It seems like only yesterday that we were getting off the boat and climbing to Veveří Castle in order to kick off the BEC season 2012 with you, our partners and special guests. And here we are again! Instead of conquering medieval ramparts, however, this year we decided to give our guests – registered members who were quick enough to sign up – the possibility to touch the stars.

IMG_2933It all happened on a sunny Monday afternoon, September 30th, at the Brno Observatory and Planetarium. Almost a hundred people gathered on the main roof terrace and enjoyed the breathtaking view of the city below while basking in the setting sun. Actually, that afternoon it truly looked like we decided to pay a little extra and ordered a special dose of an Indian summer.

We wrapped-up the previous season, announced our new address and upcoming plans and introduced our new colleague and Referral Programme members. Then the floor was given to our partners and supporters: City of Brno, GTS Lufthansa, Red Hat, CTP, Infosys and Dixons.
However, it was only once everybody got back inside that the real heavenly experience started. Some of our guests decided to join an epic journey into the remote depths of the Solar System – an interactive guided tour around the newly-opened Exploratorium – and tried what it feels like to stand on Mars or touch a thousands-year-old meteor. Others gave preference to heaven in their mouths.
Later one could also plunge themselves into the divine folk and jazz tones of Midnight Coffee Session band. The event finished splendidly: a couple of hours later, we all walked into a perfect picture-like Van-Gogh´s Starry Night. Thank you all for joining us!
Below you can see a few snapshots of this unforgettable event. More can be found on Flickr.



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