Mikulov day trip, January 28

BEC would like to invite you for a day trip to Mikulov on Saturday, January 28th.
Mikulov is a picturesque town overlooking slopes of vineyards. We will visit a brand new gallery Zavodny, have some wine, lunch, walk around Jewish quarter, visit the chateau (reservations needed) and Chocolaterie.
Gallery Závodný is a private gallery of a local art collector specializing on modern minimalistic and geometric art and design. New exhibition is coming up next week and the gallery space itself is a piece of art. Owner will guide us through the recent exhibition and her father offer a glass of wine.
IMPORTANT: For visiting the Mikulov chateau we would need reservation. Guide is available in English. Admission for one person is 200,- out of season. The castle tour would be cca one hour.
Lunch will take place in some of the local restaurants and Chocolaterie is opened until four.
Going there: Saturday 28th, 10am on Zvonarka bus station.
Coming back: circa 7pm in Brno.
Costs: cca 200,- for bus return ticket, 100,- wine tasting, (200,- castle), lunch on your own expenses.
Register on email kopkas@brnopolis.eu and indicate(!) if you wish to visit the chateau as well. Register before Monday 23rd please.

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