Kicking off our 4th year

In October the Brno Expat Centre moved to a larger office in Dům Scala and started the 4th year of its existence. This occasion seems as a good opportunity to look back and balance where we stand now and where we are heading.
HvezdarnaWithin the last 3 years we have provided 1250 consultations for over 700 unique persons from 74 countries of origin. Every year we see over 100% growth. In total we have organised 54 events including seminars, informal gatherings, trips, guided tours or sport tournaments for over 700 attendees. About 800 foreign nationals have registered as our clients coming back for advice or extra help and over 1,400 subscribers receive our monthly newsletter with practical tips, invitations etc.
BEC is funded mostly by the Municipality of Brno, but a growing number of international companies employing more foreign nationals support us with their contributions as well. In exchange, our partners – GTS Lufthansa, Red Hat, CTP, Infosys, Dixons, Pixmania and Honeywell – can benefit from a package of the priority services for their employees.
BEC’s vision is to become a local hub & connector for all foreign nationals in creative industries & professions, employers they work for as well as public institutions and service providers open to foreigners.
Maybe slowly, at the pace our funding allows us, but surely we are heading in this direction. This is also thanks to Jan Kopkáš and Lucia Konôpková and their day-to-day effort and commitment to making our city truly international. Together with you.

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